The Link Between Sustainability and Better Mental Health

Our mental health (and better ways to look after it) is becoming more important than ever before. In the UK, 1 in 4 of us experience some form of long-term anxiety or depression which can impact on the ability to work, socialise, and hold down relationships.  

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There are lots of small, simple things we can do to help ourselves feel better mentally – and one of them is embracing sustainability in our lives. What’s the link between these two? Let’s find out…  


Sustainable energy and our mental health  


Sustainability is all about ensuring we preserve our wonderful earth and all its precious resources. Therefore it stands to reason that when one or more of them are under threat, we’ll feel a personal responsibility to do our bit to improve things.  


Saving energy is becoming more of a talking point in the last couple of years and taking steps to look at how we look after our private spaces helps not only on a very personal level but also with preserving precious natural resources for future generations.   


For instance, looking at using Solar services in Cheshire to power your home is one way of saving money, doing your bit for the environment, and feeling better about yourself too.  


How sustainably clean is your home? 


There are many household products that we use regularly that can impact our mental health – and we don’t realise it. We can end up ingesting some of the harsher chemical compounds in household cleaners and over the long term this can have a detrimental effect on our mental and physical well-being – therefore it makes sense to swap to eco-friendly tried and tested methods of cleaning. 


Not only that, these cleaners impact the world around us – polluting the air and water supplies. Everything from household bleach to washing detergent can cause these issues. Luckily it’s easy to make some simple swaps that will benefit your health and the world – and they’re eco-friendly and don’t cost the earth either.  


Simple products like bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils can be used to make a multitude of multipurpose items to clean and disinfect our homes.  


We are what we eat – sustainable food options 


What we nourish ourselves with affects us physically – but also impacts us mentally. Why does this matter? Well, the amount of processing some food items have to go through to get them to market has a real impact on the environment – increasing concerns over food miles and how this exacerbates climate change mean that many of us are looking to shop locally and seasonally.  


A sustainable diet for good mental health will focus more on locally sourced produce that’s nutrient-dense and above all else helps support farmers and food growers in your own locale. Even better if it’s Mediterranean in style – meaning less meat and dairy (but allowing for excellent sources of lean protein and good quality local cheeses and milk) but eating more fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, and whole grains.  


There’s always a way to try and grow your own fruits and veggies too – no matter how small a space you live in. Gardening and cultivating is a superb way of spending more time outdoors in the fresh air and improving your mental health – and at the end of it, there will be delicious food to eat.  


Try some sustainable living tips and see how you get on – doing your bit for the world can help you feel better about yourself.  



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