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Rocket tech firm gets licence for Shetland launch

Hylmpulse has been testing its rocket engines

A company planning to launch rockets from the Shetland space port has received its flight licence from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Hylmpulse’s programme comes after a rigorous testing campaign supported by metrology experts at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) and funding from Innovate UK.

The company says the launch from the SaxaVord spaceport in Shetland will be the largest vertical hybrid rocket launch in the UK. It will take place this year following its maiden launch in Australia this April.

Konstantin Tomilin, chief operating officer, HyImpulse said: “With the latest round of testing, we are another step closer to launching the rocket, and the support from NMIS has been instrumental in getting us to this point.”

Joshua Walker, R&D engineer at NMIS, said: “The emerging space sector presents a big opportunity for manufacturing in Scotland, where space companies and startups can maximise the skills and experience, we already have, and manufacturers can branch out into a new market.

“In this case, it was the specialised equipment and expertise that NMIS was able to offer HyImpulse that has enabled them to take another step closer to getting into space.

“It’s been fantastic to work with HyImpulse, and we look forward to seeing the rocket launched into space as SaxaVord nears completion.”

SaxaVord received £10m from the Chancellor’s Budget last week as part of his investment in space technology.

The investment in the site at an old RAF base on Unst will almost guarantee that it will win the battle with rival Sutherland spaceport to become the first place in Europe to send satellites into orbit.

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