9 Tips for Engaging People at a Trade Show

Trade shows are great opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services, connect with potential clients and build brand awareness. However, in a busy trade show you’ll need to employ effective strategies to engage and captivate your target audience. Whether you’re a regular exhibitor or a first-time participant, these nine tips will help you stand out and create memorable experiences for attendees at trade shows. 

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1)      Booth design and layout 

The first impression can be key. Invest time in creating an eye-catching booth design that reflects your brand identity. 

Layout is important to allow customers to explore your pitch as well as have access to information and staff to answer questions they may have. Use your booth space efficiently to display products, promotional materials, and interactive elements that capture attention. 

2)      Interactive displays and innovative technology 

Incorporating interactive displays and cutting-edge technology to make your booth more engaging is always a good idea. Touchscreen technology, virtual reality experiences, or augmented reality demonstrations can create a memorable and immersive environment. Interactive elements not only attract attention but also provide an opportunity for attendees to experience your products or services firsthand. 

Adding interactive games and entertainment can also help to gain footfall to your trade show. Consider hosting games, quizzes or contests and incentivize participation with prizes. 

It also allows the customers and event staff to interact and start meaningful conversations around what you do and find out more about them. 

3)      Engaging staff and brand ambassadors 

Event staff play a crucial role in engaging attendees. Having a well-trained, approachable team as well as knowledgeable about products or services can be key to getting new customers and creating a memorable event. Hiring brand ambassadors who understand your brand values and can effectively communicate your message. Companies such as We Are Event People (weareeventpeople.co.uk) can help you hire friendly and knowledgeable team members to create a positive and inviting atmosphere.They have worked with major brands like Nike and Adidas, proving the effectiveness of their robust vetting and training of event staff.  

Having engaging event staff can encourage attendees to linger and learn more about what you have to offer. 

4)      Live demonstrations and product launches 

Live demonstrations or product launches to showcase your offerings in action can help capture attention and allow attendees to see the value of your products or services firsthand. Create a schedule for demonstrations and promote it in advance to attract a larger audience. This approach not only engages attendees but also provides an opportunity to generate buzz around your booth. 

5)      Networking opportunities 

Creating spaces at your trade show for networking and relaxation can help engage in casual conversations and allow attendees to take a break or charge their devices. This creates a more welcoming environment and encourages individuals to spend more time at your booth. Networking opportunities can also lead to valuable connections and partnerships. 

6)      Promotional merchandise 

Distribute branded giveaways and promotional items that attendees will value. Whether it’s useful office supplies, tech gadgets, or unique items related to your industry, thoughtful giveaways can leave a lasting impression. 

Ensure your branding is prominently featured on these items to increase brand visibility beyond the trade show floor. For assistance in sourcing high-quality promotional materials, consider contacting suppliers recommended by industry experts. 

7)      Social media engagement 

Embrace the power of social media to extend your reach and engage with attendees online. Create event-specific hashtags, encourage attendees to share their experiences on social platforms, and leverage live streaming to showcase your booth activities. Social media engagement not only connects you with attendees during the event but also extends your brand’s visibility to a broader audience. 

8)      Educational workshops and seminars 

Position your brand as a knowledge hub by hosting educational workshops or seminars. Offer valuable insights, industry trends, or practical tips that align with your expertise. Educational sessions not only attract a targeted audience but also position your brand as an authority in your field. Promote your workshops in advance to generate interest and increase attendance. 

9)      Post event follow-up and engagement 

The conversation doesn’t end when the trade show is over. Implement a post-event strategy to follow up with leads, thank attendees for visiting your booth, and provide additional information or resources. Gathering data for email marketing, social media, and other communication channels during the event can help to maintain engagement. 

It can help to nurture relationships established during the event for a more successful trade show. 


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