Taking Your Leased Car Abroad: What You Need To Know

When it comes to car leasing, there are a different set of rules to adhere to. Taking a leased car abroad for example, is not as straightforward as taking an owned car abroad. With that being said, taking your leased car abroad doesn’t have to be a difficult affair, you just have to be aware of the potential restrictions and considerations that apply. You don’t want to accidentally breach your lease agreement, so it’s important to research what you need to do. 

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Car Leasing company All Car Leasing have helped put together this guide on the things you need to know when it comes to taking a leased vehicle abroad. 

Review your lease agreement

Before planning your trip abroad, it’s vital that you thoroughly review your lease agreement to understand whether or not you’re allowed to take your vehicle out of the country, and the limitations and restrictions associated with this. Many car leasing companies explicitly prohibit taking the car out of the country, so it’s important you check before making any arrangements. If you know you are allowed to take your vehicle abroad, it’s equally important to check for any limitations that may apply, as you should avoid breaking the terms of your lease. 

Obtain written permission

If you find that your lease agreement does permit you to take your vehicle abroad, it’s important to gain written permission for this. This is so you can refer to this information in the future should you need to, and this permission may come with specific requirements that you need to fulfil before your trip. It’s always good to have a written record of this, so you can refer to it when it comes to the end of your leasing agreement.

Purchase any additional insurance coverage

Before taking your vehicle abroad, you should verify what your current insurance policy covers. If you find that you aren’t covered for taking your vehicle abroad, then you should purchase additional international coverage. This is to ensure you’re protected on your trip, as you don’t want to face any additional costs later on.

Familiarise yourself with local driving laws

When planning your trip, it’s crucial that you understand the laws and regulations surrounding driving in the country you’re going to. Different countries may require different things such as mandatory equipment such as safety kits, speed limits, traffic regulations, and driving on the other side of the road. Make sure you familiarise yourself with these rules before you go, so you aren’t confused when you go, and to avoid any complications when you go. 

Communicate with your leasing company

Whilst you’re abroad, you should maintain contact with your leasing company if there is a need. For example, if your plans change such as extending your trip, or if there are any issues with the vehicle whilst you’re abroad. 


Overall. Taking a leased car abroad can be complex, but if you adhere to the terms of your contract and obtain written permission, you’re sure to be fine. The best course of action is to always check your agreement and communicate with your leasing company before making any decisions.


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