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Subsea robotics firm to expand after acquisition

Jan Stander: HPR is ideally placed

Subsea robotics firm HPR ROV, based in Inverurie, has been acquired for an undisclosed sum by Aberdeen’s Subtron Group.

Subtron said the deal will help HPR escalate its R&D initiatives into the renewable energy market while it continues to work with the North Sea oil and gas industry, including decommissioning operations.

All 17 jobs at the Inverurie firm – which was founded in 2014 – will be safeguarded, and its Thainstone premises will be retained. Five jobs will be created as the company moves into additional space in ETZ’s building in Altens.

Newly-appointed HPR ROV managing director Jan Stander has held key positions in both the public and private sectors, as well as representing Scotland at the Cricket World Cup.

Mr Stander previously held business development roles at Aberdeen energy supply chain companies Optimus, Trac Oil and Gas and First Integrated Solutions.

“HPR’s delivery model of using small and light remotely operated systems for inspection and intervention work aligns perfectly with the rapidly advancing technology landscape we now see changing how work is done subsea,” he said.

“The offshore wind, oil and gas decommissioning and power industries are demanding reductions in cost, which HPR is ideally placed to deliver.

“Our plan will deliver strong growth for HPR, creating energy transition job opportunities in offshore wind – we have already engaged with the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership’s WEST program to assist us bring cost reductions to the industry.”

Subtron chief executive Steven Gray said: “With strong historic relationships in almost all the oil and gas operators – stretching to around 300 projects over the last 10 years – HPR ROV has the experience and track record to deliver for operators who require effective light intervention and inspection.

“This acquisition is not just a financial investment; it’s a commitment to the future of underwater technology.

“We see enormous potential in HPR ROV’s capabilities and are excited to be part of its next chapter of innovation and expansion.”

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