Labour challenged

Rayner ‘must choose either child or bankers’ caps’

Angela Rayner heads to Scotland

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner, who is in Scotland today, is being urged to explain why her party would rather cap child benefits than bankers’ bonuses.

The SNP says the East Lothian constituency she is visiting has 1,600 children currently impacted by the two-child cap which Labour has no intention of scrapping.

Meanwhile, Labour has said it will not re-impose a cap on bankers’ bonuses. The SNP says NatWest’s CEO raked in an annual salary of £5.2 million, while a family who receive child benefits would be given as little as £14.45 a week for each additional child.

David Linden MP, the SNP’s Social Justice spokesperson, said: “Angela Rayner really does have a brass neck arriving in a constituency where the callous two-child cap impacts 1,600 children just days after U-turning on Labour’s bankers’ bonus policy. 

“Voters will rightly ask Labour’s Deputy Leader: does her party now prioritise the rich over those less fortunate? 

Ms Rayner, who is in Scotland to promote Labour’s New Deal for Working People, will claim the SNP is “distracted and tired’”SNP, while Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has said that by electing Labour MPs Scotland can have an active voice at the heart of government. 

Labour is promising to transform the world of work by banning zero hour contracts, scrapping fire and rehire and boosting wages. 

Ms Rayner said: “The distracted and tired SNP has run out of road and offers Scotland nothing other than more division and decline. 

“The SNP and the Tories want you to think that this is as good as it gets – they are wrong. 

“With a Labour government, Scotland will have its voice heard and workers will get the transformative New Deal for Working People that will deliver for thousands of workers.”

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