Glamcandy founder launches makeup brand

Hayley Harvey Smith: new projects

A glamour entrepreneur who sold her make-up college last summer has launched a new venture in the fashion and cosmetics industry.

Hayley Harvey Smith sold her Edinburgh-based Glamcandy business to accountant and company director Mark Thompson and is now involved with makeup brush brand Blend, and is investing in a video content creation startup.

With a background in digital media and marketing, Ms Harvey Smith is developing a line of makeup brushes and is a partner in Creative Era, a Glasgow based video production company focused on creating commercials and social media content.

She started Glamcandy in Edinburgh in 2011, initially hiring salon spaces to teach small groups of students. The firm, now run by the firm’s former admin officer Dionne Proudfoot, operates purpose-built private colleges in five Scottish cities – employing more than 30 people and teaching hundreds of students both in their own colleges and through their high school programmes every year.

Glamcandy students have secured opportunities to work with big names and brands within the industry – including London Fashion Week, Harrods and Netflix.

Meanwhile its high school programme has seen tutors go into classrooms across the country to deliver SQA approved qualifications – a scheme credited with boosting attainment across the curriculum for pupils who take part.

Ms Harvey Smith admitted to having mixed emotions about letting go of the business she created and said it had been a rollercoaster, “not least during Covid where we adapted from what is obviously a very close, face-to-face working model to teaching remotely in a matter of days.”

She added: “I am so proud of the team we built and the way the business developed over the years, launching the careers of so many students and empowering them to run their own businesses in an industry they loved and wanted to be part of.

“I’m now working on new projects in the fashion and cosmetics industry that use my expertise in growing small businesses, but also utilising my background in digital marketing and branding.

“I also think its important to show what women in business can do and be a positive influence. I started this business in my 20s and built it to where it is today.

“I’ve met so many young women who have come to us wanting to start their own business and I think it’s critical they see other women in business as role models as they build themselves up.”

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