Funding helps Xergy build team and expand overseas

Xergy co-founders Colin Manson and James McCallum

Technology company, Xergy, has raised £3.1 million in additional investment as the company builds on the growing success of its project management software.  

The latest investment round was heavily oversubscribed and was supported by both its existing investment base and a number of new ​strategic ​investors. Xergy has raised more than £10.2m from its inception in 2018 to the delivery of this latest Series A+ round.  

Xergy co-founder Colin Manson, said: “This successful financial raise allows us to increase the size of our in-house development team by recruiting new talent who will focus on building Proteus’s generative AI. This will further help our clients optimise their project performance.

“In addition, the raise will support our growth into Australia and our planned entry into the United States later in 2024.” 

* PhaSER Biomedical, based in Edinburgh,has received a $2.3m grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue its pioneering work in accelerating drug discovery and development.

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