YLEM Energy plans battery storage sites in Scotland

YLEM has submitted planning applications

YLEM Energy, a renewables specialist, has submitted plans for two battery storage sites in Scotland, one at Dounreay in Caithness and the other at Ardencaple Farm in Helensburgh.

Combined, the sites could support 5,000 energy-intensive businesses requiring 25,000 kWh of energy per year, fully for four hours a day.

The Salford-based company has just announced the beginning of construction at another battery storage site at Broomloan Road, Glasgow.

Battery storage sites store energy from sources like solar and wind when it is available and release it to the grid during peak demand periods when the power is needed most. This means that businesses can still be powered by green energy, even when there’s no wind or sun to power them.

One Comment to YLEM Energy plans battery storage sites in Scotland

  1. What about the 6 battery storeage sites planned by Apatura?
    Located in Paisley, Plean, Motherwell, Linlithgow, Barrhead & Eaglesham village where the connection into the Grid is almost 4 miles away newar Giffnock station.
    These developments are nothing to do with the Scottish power battery farm which is sensibly being built on the same land as Whitelee wind farm.
    Local residents in all these loactions need to make their objections heard

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