The online casino industry has grown at a +10% CAGR in the past few years, prompting more players to join the industry. Thanks to this interest, players can have their pick when deciding where they should invest their money. Take Hungary as an example. Since many reputable casino online sites operate in the region, players can join one and start playing in under five minutes. And casinos have been generous with their bonuses, offering continuous rewards to their players. 

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But it’s not just players who are enjoying the benefits of this online casino trend. Many charities have also been on the receiving end of this growth. Let’s look at how online casinos have impacted people’s lives positively through such campaigns. 


Online Casinos Giving Back to the Community 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns are integral to any lucrative industry. And the online casino industry is not an exception. Consider the following beneficiaries: 


  1. Responsible Gaming 

While gambling has many advantages, it also has one downside that affects some players – problem gambling. Such gambling has many adverse effects, including financial ruin, relationship breakdowns, and isolation. Players who are unable to be in control of their gaming often suffer a lot in silence. But many casinos have been working to address this issue in the following ways: 

  • Funding responsible gaming campaigns that highlight the best ways to approach gambling and how to address any issues at the onset, 
  • Increasing their responsible gaming awareness resources on and off their sites, and 
  • Collaborating with organisations that help problem gamblers. 

One such campaign is GambleAware, which receives funds from notable casinos like Bet365, William Hill and Unibet. This organisation partners with casinos and encourages them to part with a small percentage of their earnings to support problem gamblers. In turn, it offers advice, resources, and personal support to people affected by such issues. Best of all, the support is free, ensuring that anyone can address their concerns confidentially, even without parting with money. 


  1. Local Community Support 

Many communities suffer from a lack of access to basic amenities like water, electricity, and education. As a result, many companies often gear their CSR efforts to support such communities. Online casinos have been doing the same thing in the following ways: 

  • Partnering with local community groups to understand the local needs and how best to address them,  
  • Nurturing local talent through talent-focused initiatives, e.g., football training schools, 
  • Injecting money into local projects, e.g., schools and hospitals, to better the lives of the locals. 

Take the example of William Hill. This casino, which also doubles as a bookie, has invested a lot of money in “Foodbank Lifeline Malta.” Since tourism took a hit in the region, many locals found themselves struggling to make ends meet. This initiative has enabled most people to gain a footing and develop economically. 

Sometimes, the support comes in the form of focusing on one special group. In this case, we can consider Grosvenor Casino, which contributes towards charity funds for carers who provide unpaid services for their loved ones. By working with Carers Trust, the casino provides resources to carers in different ways. Some of the money goes to grants, another chunk goes to supporting them to find ways to relax, and most of it helps them learn new skills. 


  1. Environmental Conservation 

Unlike traditional casinos, which take up physical space, online casinos exist in the virtual realm. However, that does not mean that they do not have adverse environmental effects. As a result, many casinos have investigated the ways they can support environmental conservation, including: 

  • Raising awareness about the need to conserve the environment to thwart adverse climate changes, 
  • Supporting local communities in their environmental conservation efforts, and 
  • Working with organisations that focus on environmental conservation. 

For example, William Hill focuses a lot on reducing its carbon footprint and works with organisations with similar goals. 


  1. Humanitarian Efforts 

The world often faces challenges, some of which people cannot predict and are thus often left stranded. Casinos have often come forward to help people work through such challenges by providing affected people with several resources. These include: 

  • Helping people move to better places, 
  • Providing support to the affected people, e.g., through food drives, and 
  • Liaising with notable organisations to determine the best help to offer affected areas. 

A good example would be during COVID-19 when most online casinos channelled some of their profits towards local hospitals. Another example would be William Hill’s support of Ukraine. It raised two hundred thousand pounds during the Eurovision pledge and diverted these funds to help a country that has been dealing with the effects of war. 

Similarly, 888 Casino raised about twenty-five thousand pounds from its VIP members to support Sierra Leone and Liberia during an Ebola virus outbreak. They did this in a matter of a few weeks, enabling the affected people to get some relief. 


Some online casino sites raise funds for different charities. Take BigHeart Bingo as an example. It works with various charities, including Save the Children. As online casinos grow, these charitable efforts will only increase, which will be a win for players, casino operators, and local communities. 


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