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N4 Partners raises investment in NeuroClin

Allan Dowie: proud to back NeuroClin

N4 Partners (N4) has completed a further seven-figure investment into NeuroClin, a pioneering neurological research organisation headquartered at Eurocentral.

The investment further increases N4’s stake in the business which is fast becoming a pioneer in neurological research producing new work into understanding the complex profile of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and depression.  

Backed by Foresight Group, Fullbrook Thorpe Investments and N4, NeuroClin has undergone a transformative period which has included the appointment of the experienced global pharma executive, Jeff Thomis, as its chair, a move into new headquarters located at Eurocentral, launching its maiden Parkinson’s research programme and significantly increasing the headcount to approximately 60 employees.

Allan Dowie, partner at N4, commented: “We’re proud to back a business which is producing life-changing research for the millions suffering from neurological conditions worldwide.”

Mr Thomis added: “It has been very encouraging to see the meaningful partnerships formed over the last three years enabling the clinic to continue to build on its global reputation and further diversify the research base. A strong platform has been developed and we look ahead to further expansion.”

NeuroClin was founded in 1999 and has been global centre in Alzheimer’s vaccine research.

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