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Manorview payout brightens hospitality outlook

Manorview staff will enjoy a share of profits

An independent hotels and restaurants group has delivered a record profit share for its staff that offers a glimmer of optimism for the beleaguered hospitality sector.

Manorview, which owns and operates 12 venues across central Scotland, is distributing more than £270,000 to its team via its Heartcount profit share scheme.

All those in the business with more than 12 months service qualify for a share of 10% of Manorview’s net profits. The total amount being shared this year is £273,560 – and 471 team members have qualified.

It will equate to two weeks’ worth of pay and the total payout beasts the previous record of £162,479 allocated to the team in January last year. 

The amount paid is calculated on hours worked during a 12-month period – not on job title or salary.

Manorview’s portfolio includes Bowfield Hotel & Spa in Howwood, Brisbane House in Largs and the Busby Hotel in Clarkston.

Managing director David Tracey said: “Fairness is at the heart of our decisions. Every person in every role across our business impacts our success, so it’s right that profit is shared in a fair way.

“The calculation process ultimately means that it doesn’t matter whether someone is a kitchen porter, bar team, wedding sales manager, general manager, housekeeper or director – if they’ve worked the same hours, they get the same profit share.”

All team members at the group are paid the real living wage at a minimum, and the business also recently set up a registered charity, the Manorview Foundation, to support those experiencing poverty and hardship.

In December the firm hosted 1,700 underprivileged children across 18 free party nights – ensuring they could experience some Christmas magic. 

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