Loganair CEO Hinkles leaves with board approval

Jonathan Hinkles
Jonathan Hinkles: time for change

Loganair chief executive Jonathan Hinkles has left the airline after the board agreed to bring an end to his seven and a half years at the helm.

Mr Hinkles said it was time for a change for himself and the Scottish airline and he decided “to get off the stage right away”.

Earlier today he attended a ceremony to mark the retirement of Captain Eddie Watt – Loganair’s longest-serving pilot – and its venerable Saab 340 fleet after more than 24 years of service.

Later in a social media post, he said: “I’ve always thought that when the curtain falls, it’s time to get off the stage right away.

“Earlier this afternoon, and with the full agreement of Loganair’s board, I relinquished my responsibilities as Loganair’s chief executive and accountable manager.”
He added: “Running an airline is probably the most full-time job imaginable, and one which requires pretty much 24/7 attention in one shape or form….It truly takes its toll.”

Among his challenges was a battle with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which he accused last year of allowing National Air Traffic Services to increase its charges.

A year earlier Loganair’s owners put it up for sale, but in October they withdrew it from the market with no reason given for the change of plan.
Mr Hinkles added: “After seven and a half years – a tenure longer than any other UK airline CEO bar one and also one of the longer-serving CEOs in Loganair’s proud 62-year history – it’s time for a change, just as much for me as it is for Loganair.

“It serves no-one well for there to be a prolonged period of farewells, uncertainty and indecision in leadership. With all that in mind, I left the building for the final time a few hours ago.

“With a new fleet falling into place, Loganair and my trusted colleagues are well set for the future.  And as I signed off from the privilege of leading that team a short time ago, I’ve reiterated my firm belief that the future is theirs to grasp; theirs to own; and theirs to make the most of.”

Executive chairman Peter Simpson has become acting chief executive.

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