Exploring the magnificent host stadiums of Euro 2024

As the footballing world eagerly anticipates Euro 2024, which Germany will host next summer, the stage is set for a spectacular tournament featuring an array of iconic stadiums. 

These venues will witness thrilling matches and become the backdrop for unforgettable moments in the quest for continental glory. 

Photo by Hiroshige Fukuhara on Unsplash

There is very little to separate England and France in the Euro 2024 winner odds at this stage, but who knows who could be crowned European Champions? 

Let’s take a closer look at the diverse and historic stadiums that will play host to the prestigious tournament.  

Olympiastadion Berlin 

The legendary Olympiastadion in Berlin stands as the crown jewel of Euro 2024. 

Hosting three group-stage clashes, a riveting Round of 16 encounter, a nail-biting quarter-final, and ultimately the grand finale, this historic stadium carries the weight of the tournament’s climax. 

With a capacity of around 71,000 spectators, Olympiastadion Berlin promises an electric atmosphere as nations vie for supremacy on its hallowed turf. 

Cologne Stadium 

Cologne Stadium, or RheinEnergieSTADION, takes centre stage with four group games, featuring standout matchups such as England vs Slovenia and Scotland vs Switzerland. 

This vibrant venue will also host a crucial Round of 16 clash, adding to the drama that unfolds within its walls. 

Cologne Stadium promises to be a pivotal battleground for teams aiming to progress in the tournament 

BVB Stadion Dortmund 

Better known as Signal Iduna Park to avid football fans, the home of Borussia Dortmund and the famed ‘Yellow Wall’ welcomes Euro 2024 with open arms.  

This iconic venue, with a capacity of over 60,000, will host four group games, a Round of 16 clash, and a highly anticipated semi-final. 

The electric atmosphere generated by the fervent fans will undoubtedly provide a unique backdrop for some of the tournament’s most thrilling encounters. 

Dusseldorf Arena 

Dusseldorf Arena steps into the Euro 2024 spotlight, hosting three group-stage matches, a Round of 16 encounter, and a quarter-final. 

With a capacity of 47,000, this state-of-the-art venue is poised to showcase top-level football and contribute to memorable moments that define the tournament.  

Frankfurt Arena 

Frankfurt Arena takes its place as a crucial host, featuring four group-stage clashes — including marquee matchups like Denmark vs England and Switzerland vs Germany. 

Another 47,000-seater venue, Frankfurt Arena will also set the stage for a thrilling Round of 16 game — promising football fans a feast of skill, strategy, and drama within its walls. 

Arena AufSchalke 

Arena AufSchalke emerges as a battleground for footballing titans, hosting three group-stage games — including the intense clash between two-time winners Spain and defending champions Italy.  

Additionally, this venue — currently known as VELTINS-Arena for sponsorship reasons — will witness a scintillating Round of 16 encounter, further solidifying its status as a must-watch arena during Euro 2024. 


Volksparkstadion in Hamburg welcomes four group-stage games and a quarter-final, offering northern Germany a taste of the footballing spectacle. 

With its rich history and modern facilities, this stadium is poised to provide a lively and passionate setting for crucial matches in the tournament. 

Leipzig Stadium 

Leipzig Stadium, with its three group-stage games — including a mammoth clash between the Netherlands vs France — and a Round of 16 fixture, adds its unique charm to Euro 2024. 

The stadium’s design and atmosphere promise a footballing symphony that resonates with the passion of the sport. 

Munich Football Arena 

Munich Football Arena, or the Allianz Arean as it’s more widely known, is set to host four group stage games — including Germany vs Scotland — a Round of 16 encounter and a semi-final — offering a Bavarian extravaganza for football enthusiasts.  

With its modern infrastructure and a seating capacity of roughly 66,000, this iconic venue is set to play a pivotal role in the tournament. 

Stuttgart Arena 

Completing the ensemble, Stuttgart Arena takes the spotlight with four group-stage games — including Germany vs Hungary and Scotland vs Hungary — and a quarter-final. 

The southern German city will witness showdowns that can potentially shape the trajectory of the tournament. 

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