A brief overview of rocking chairs

Rocking chairs have been used to calm babies since the Middle Ages. However, it was, during the century that the concept of rocking chairs for adults was introduced.

Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

There are theories about when and by whom the rocking chair was developed but most experts agree that it was invented in America in the early 1700s.

In this article, we will share some tips you should consider when choosing a rocking chair.

Choosing the best rocking chair

Here are a few reasons why you might want to think about getting a rocking chair.


Rocking chairs have seats, tall backs and padded cushions. This makes them particularly suitable, for individuals who experience back or neck issues as the rocking motion can help alleviate stress and tension.


Rocking chairs are built to last featuring frames and high-quality materials. This means you can enjoy your rocking chair for years without worrying about it breaking or falling apart.

Types of rocking chairs

When you’re, in the market, for a rocking chair there are options to take into account. Let’s explore some of the choices;

The classic option

The classic rocking chair is widely available and generally budget-friendly. This timeless rocker has withstood the test of time. Can complement any style of decor.

Spring Rocking Chair 

By adding some firm springs to the glider, you may create a combination of classic and glider rocking chairs. Your rocking will elevate you somewhat in an arcing motion assisted by the attached springs. Price-wise, it is also a hybrid, falling in between conventional and glider.

Glider Rocking Chair 

The glider rocker features more moving elements, including levers and hinges to keep you rocking on an equal keel. It takes up less room than a typical chair and provides better comfort, although it is prone to failure. Additionally, it is more pricey.

The best materials for your rocking chair

You have a few alternatives when it comes to rocking chair materials. Here are some of the most attractive materials for rocking chairs:

Wrought Iron

This material is mushy, magnetic, and malleable, and has substantial strain and elasticity strengths. Wrought iron furniture is long-lasting, ductile, smoother, and more pressure-resistant. 


Cider, redwood, and Douglas fir are the most popular softwoods for furniture production. Pine is an option, however it is not ideal for outdoor use. It would be preferable if you considered varnish, which gives a protective coating against stress and the weather. Softwood is less robust and durable, but it is cheaper.


Teak is a robust and trustworthy timber alternative. It creates oil, which makes it durable since it may be used without wearing out. The drawback is that it is only available in one hue and requires periodic rubbing to avoid silver patina.


Our lovely rocking chairs cannot be exposed to water or bright sunlight. The two most damaging environmental factors to wood and leather are sunshine and water. Sun exposure to wood results in permanent discolouration.

So, wipe your rocking chair with a moist cloth regularly. You may buy any leather balm to brighten and protect your leather. Enjoy your rocking chair!

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