The Different Kinds Of Security Bollards And Their Functions

If you are trying to improve the security of your business premises, there are a number of helpful devices on the market that could help. It’s important to do a risk assessment of your premises first, to identify where criminals or those with malicious intent might target, and then put in place devices designed to prevent them from achieving their goals. 

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Security bollards are one such device. Putting bollards in front of your premises can provide a physical barrier for ram raiders, for example, and they can also stop thieves making away with larger items from within your premises. 

Choosing a security bollard to suit your premises is a decision that will be based on many factors. Understanding the type and benefits of such bollards will help to inform your decision. With this in mind, we ask experts at Hörmann to describe the options you may have to protect your premises. 

What Bollard Options Do You Have?

  • Fixed bollards – these are rigid structures that cannot be removed. You can use them to provide clear perimeters around your building. Typically made of strong materials such as concrete or steel, they provide strong prevention of access to your premises. They do, however, offer a constant barrier, so if your access needs change, you might need to consider other options. 
  • Removable bollards – If you regularly take deliveries at your premises, but want protection from vehicle access at other times, removable bollards could be a good choice. You can use them where needed, but remove them when you know you are expecting a vehicle in.
  • Retractable bollards – often a good alternative to removable bollards, these are raised and lowered at will. They can be controlled remotely or physically. 
  • Automatic bollards – these are often installed with hydraulic or electric mechanisms that open and close automatically according to your requirements, for example if a car park is full, or between certain times. 
  • Telescopic bollards – Often employed where traffic control is needed, these can be raised and lowered whenever necessary. They can be automatically controlled, or manually controlled and are ideal for use in car parks. 
  • Crash resistant bollards – Built to withstand significant force, these are useful if you have expensive equipment that might be targeted by ram raiders, for example. 
  • Bicycle friendly bollards – these allow those on bicycles to pass through, but disallow larger vehicles such as cars and vans. You can also consider pedestrian friendly bollards if you need to allow for foot traffic. 

Choosing Additional Features 

In addition to choosing the type of bollard, you’ll have choices about additional features to enhance the usage and aesthetics of your perimeter. Some bollards come with lighting, which can be useful if your premises need to be accessed at night. Others are decorative, and provide curb appeal without compromising the security of your building. It may also be possible to use solar power to operate your bollards. If environmental impact is a concern, this is a superb choice. 


When it comes to the placement of your bollards, careful consideration will be needed. You should assess whether you need people or bicycles to pass through the bollards, or whether the barrier you need should prevent all types of vehicles or people from passing through. It would be wise to consider using different bollards in specific areas where access needs vary. 

Obviously, you know your business premises best. However, using the services of a professional security equipment provider means you can benefit from their expertise and recommendations. That way, you can get the optimal protection combined with the usability you need.

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