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GTA VI: Rockstar trailer release sparks frenzy

GTA VI features a female lead character

Rockstar has confirmed the launch of the next game in the Grand Theft Auto video game series after a trailer was leaked online.

Gamers have been in overdrive in anticipation of GTA VI, with 37 million views in just six hours after the official launch, but they will have to wait until 2025 for the game to be available.

The latest in the controversial series, which is accused of glamourising crime to a young audience, will see players return to Rockstar’s Vice City, loosely based on Miami.

The protagonists’ antics include pulling an alligator from a swimming pool, driving fast cars, frequenting strip clubs and rooftop parties. It concludes with a robbery. There is a female in a lead role for the first time and the trailer features the Tom Petty song Love is a Long Road.

The trailer was meant to launch today, but Rockstar released it early after it was leaked on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Rockstar North
Rockstar North’s office in Edinburgh (pic: Terry Murden)

Take-Two Interactive, which publishes the game, has announced GTA VI will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

It will need to sell more than 190 million copies if it is to eclipse its 2013 predecessor which is the second highest selling video game of all time, following Minecraft.

GTA was originally developed in Dundee in 1997 by DMA Design, later known as Rockstar which now has its UK headquarters in the former offices of The Scotsman newspaper in Edinburgh.

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