Can You Sell a Car Without an MOT?

The good news – if you happen to own a car which does not have a valid MOT – is that there is no legal problem with selling it. If you are the registered keeper of a car without an MOT, then you will face certain restrictions on what you can do with it. That said, selling a car – even a car that is in an unroadworthy state – is possible so long as you can find a buyer and complete the necessary V5 documentation to send to the DVLA after the sale has been agreed. Consequently, the more pertinent question to ask is what are the implications of buying or selling a car which doesn’t have an MOT?

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To begin with, if you are selling a car without an MOT, you should not market it as a roadworthy vehicle. Telling someone that they can drive your car away when they cannot could land both you and them in trouble with the law. Remember that even parking a car without an MOT on the public road could constitute an offence. So, you’ll need to have your car somewhere on private land before you can even consider selling it.

Given that your motor insurance won’t be valid without an MOT – or an MOT exception, in the case of certain vintage cars – anyone who buys a car without one will need to get a test done to be able to drive it. Having a car checked out for potential faults would be sensible anyway given that issues that might need to be fixed could affect the value of the car. Note that Elite Direct operates as an independent MOT testing station in London that tests vehicles owned by the general public, a good thing to know if both the buyer and seller want an impartial assessment.

Driving a car to an MOT test centre is possible if you have the right sort of insurance but typically, you’ll need to be able to prove that’s where you’re heading by having first made an appointment. The only other option to move cars without MOTs is to have them towed or put on the back of a recovery vehicle until their MOT can be arranged.

To sum up, you can sell a car that doesn’t have an MOT but buyers will only be able to test drive it on the road once an MOT is in place. Cars without valid MOTs can be seriously undervalued due to the potential risks involved so it is better to have one if you want to sell.  


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