Tourism and casinos – the rise in popularity of junket tourism in the UK and its main destinations

Despite the emergence of many online casinos such as winner casino, their land-based prototypes are still popular. Of course, the number of players, as well as profits, has slightly decreased, but not as catastrophic as analysts imagined at the time of the birth of the virtual gaming industry. However, the bulk of cash online casinos bring small players, who even before this time, infrequently or not at all visited land-based gambling establishments. Nevertheless, the representatives of traditional gambling establishments were puzzled to find new areas of profit. One of such directions was junket tourism. This is not a new idea. It was first tested in the United States back in the last century. Now it is a service at a completely new level of service.

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Modern junket tourism

The junket tour is the result of close co-operation between the casino and the tour operator. It includes accommodation in a high-class hotel, meals, transfers. All this is provided to the tourist at a very good discount or free of charge. However, there are certain conditions:


  • The tourist must deposit his own funds in the casino, which implies the need to bet a certain amount;
  • The player must spend a certain amount of time in the casino gaming halls – depending on the type of tour 2-5 hours per day.

This area, which can be characterised as both tourism and one of the segments of the entertainment industry is extremely beneficial to the economies of countries or at least their individual regions. From the development of tourism infrastructure, small businesses and commercial activities to cater to tourists, to attracting serious investors, all these areas are beginning to pick up. It is not surprising that many governments are emphasising this area, giving it all kinds of support, both legal and financial.


For the end user – the player / tourist, this manifests itself in maximum loyalty, in the time of paperwork, in moving, and the very stay in the host country. Therefore, holidaymakers can safely count on an extremely high level of service even on gaming tours of medium price range. Thus, for a much smaller amount of money you can have a good holiday, getting a psychological release, as well as the chance to rip off a good winnings.


The main external destinations of UK gaming tourism

Of the main destinations of junket tourism popular in the UK, according to statistics we can highlight the following.



A traditional gaming centre for the whole of Europe. It has held high positions in the popularity rating for many decades due to its excellent service, as well as favourable geographical location for European players. It is worth noting that the modest size of the country allowed to compactly concentrate the most popular casinos in Monte Carlo. This allows you to somewhat expand the opportunities for players. After all, in the contracts of junket tours there are no prohibitions on visiting other gambling establishments.


Macau (China)

The gambling centre of the whole east, which was specially created taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages and regions with high concentration and mountainous establishments. The whole infrastructure was formed on the example of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. At the moment in Macau operates 33 casinos, of which six establishments according to Forbes ranking got into the fifty largest in the world. Of course, most of the gaming tourists present in this city are Chinese citizens. However, foreign tourists are given an extremely high level of attention, up to and including the provision of personalised translators and optional tours.


Being an extremely popular tourist centre, it has recently started to pursue a rather loyal policy towards gambling establishments. The result did not take long and was expressed in the emergence of numerous, which in the richness of their design in no way compete with the gambling palaces of Las Vegas and Macau. To date, the country’s legislation restricts the ability of the subjects to play. Therefore, junket tourists here are exclusively citizens of China, and numerous guests from Europe and the United States.


Starting in 2017, the gaming and related tourism business in Australia began to develop rapidly. At the moment, it is not inferior to the Great Barrier Reef in its popularity with Chinese, Indian and American tourists. The number of guests from Europe, due to the extreme remoteness of the region from the UK, is not so high. However, those who decide to take a junket tour to Australia will not be disappointed. The country has two gaming centres in Sydney and Melbourne. They are located in quite picturesque places, which favourably distinguishes them from the urban developments of the USA and old Europe.


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