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Jump Ship pursues name claim against BrewDog

Shore Leave (pic: BrewDog)
BrewDog promoted it new brand on social media

Scottish microbrewery Jump Ship is taking BrewDog to court to stop it selling a non-alcoholic beer with a similar name to its own.

Edinburgh-based Jump Ship Brewing is taking its claim to the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court in London.

Jump Ship launched Shore Leave in June last year but owner Sonja Mitchell was dismayed when BrewDog launched its own product using the same name, even using the slogan “It’s time to jump ship”.

Ms Mitchell said cease and desist letters were sent to BrewDog at the end of August but there had been no response. She said in July, when the dispute first emerged, that she was minded to change the name of her brand, but has now decided to take further action.

“I am incredibly disappointed that despite contacting BrewDog directly, I have been forced down the legal route to defend all that I and my team have built,” she said.

BrewDog said: “We’ve sought to settle this matter amicably and offered a range of fantastic collab ideas which would have had a huge boost for Ms Mitchell’s brewery.

“We even agreed not to use the phrase “Jump Ship” in our advertising as a gesture of goodwill. We’d much rather work with the industry than against it.”

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