The Best Explainer Video Production Companies in Europe

The Explainer Video emerges as an engaging medium in modern communication, combining artistry with the science of engagement. These concise, visually appealing narratives have the ability to demystify complicated topics and transmit messages with laser-like accuracy.  

Essentially, an Explainer Video acts as a guiding light amidst the digital noise, providing a vital tool for organizations seeking to forge deeper connections with their audience. As we set out to find Europe’s best Explainer Video production companies, consider why these visual stories matter and how they can change the way we communicate. 

Photo by Vanilla Bear Films on Unsplash

Zelios Agency 

Zelios Agency is not just a video production company. It is a creative powerhouse dedicated to delivering innovative, captivating live-action and animated videos. What sets Zelios apart is its unwavering commitment to providing clients with the highest quality service. Founded with a mission to redefine the video production agency landscape, Zelios boasts a team of experts who craft compelling video production projects tailored to your brand’s unique identity. By aligning your content with your brand, Zelios ensures improved lead generation, increased sales, and enhanced shareability. 

With five years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Zelios has earned its place among the top 20 agencies in Ukraine. This speaks volumes about their expertise and reputation in the market. Zelios specializes in creating custom marketing-oriented videos catering to SMEs, startups, and digital agencies. From conceptualization to publishing, they handle the entire video production cycle, offering high-end services and unwavering support for every video they produce. 


Squarefish, based in Belgium, is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and the sheer beauty of its visuals. While they have ventured into creating animated videos and feature-length movies, their prowess shines in crafting high-quality explainer videos. With over a decade of experience in motion design and audiovisual production, Squarefish stands as a European animation studio with offices in Brussels and Paris. They excel in producing short films for NGOs, regional institutions, European bodies, startups, and communication agencies. 

In addition to their animation services, Squarefish is a versatile production company offering 2D and 3D animation, post-production, and title design for feature films, TV series, and documentaries. Their diverse portfolio caters to a wide range of audiences, and they are also well-equipped to co-produce projects. 

Explain Ninja 

Explain Ninja is a dynamic animated explainer video production company based in Poland. Their strength lies in offering a variety of animation styles, from simple whiteboard animations to intricate 2D and 3D animated videos. With a track record of working with prominent brands like Google, Codio, and Bolt, Explain Ninja has been a key player in the industry since 2013. Their portfolio includes explainer videos, commercials, motion graphics, marketing, and advertising videos, infographics, as well as live-action videos with integrated graphics. 

Explain Ninja operates as a subsidiary of Fireart Studio, a design and software development company based in Warsaw, Poland. They collaborate with marketing agencies, startups, and enterprises worldwide, offering access to a team of award-winning creative directors, animators, producers, and professional voiceover artists. 

Yans Media 

Based in Armenia, Yans Media may be a small video production company, but they are a creative force to be reckoned with. Their expertise spans across various animation styles, including motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation videos, and product demos. Yans Media started locally but quickly expanded their reach to offer explainer video production services to companies globally. 

What sets Yans Media apart is their in-house team of marketing specialists who take the time to understand your business needs and goals. This deep understanding allows them to craft videos that not only explain but also sell your solutions effectively. Their videos are characterized by stunning visuals and compelling narrative storytelling. 


In a digital age where attention is fleeting and information is abundant, Explainer Videos emerge as the navigational stars in the vast cosmos of content. They are the compass that guides audiences through the intricacies of your message, leaving them not just informed but inspired. As businesses voyage through the dynamic seas of communication, the choice of the right Explainer Video production company becomes the compass needle pointing towards success. These creative studios, dispersed across Europe, breathe life into your brand’s narrative, crafting stories that do not just resonate but linger in the hearts and minds of viewers. In the realm of Explainer Videos, it is not merely about storytelling. It is about crafting experiences that leave an indelible mark. 

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