Repton School Pupils Achieve Outstanding A Level and BTEC Results

On 17 August 2023, pupils nationwide received their A Level results. National predictions were for the 2023 UK cohort to see lower grades due to the pandemic. Despite this, Repton School defied the trend and celebrated outstanding A Level and BTEC results.  

Across these results, nearly 40% of Repton’s pupils achieved an A* or A grade, and an impressive 70% achieved A* to B grades. These results enabled nearly 60% of Repton’s pupils to secure their chosen places at distinguished Russell Group universities.  

The results are also a testament to the dedication and hard work of Repton’s pupils and teaching staff. 

Outstanding Results for Repton Pupils 

Repton’s Upper Sixth pupils achieved an excellent set of results. 15 exceptional pupils achieved straight A*s and As in their A Level examinations. 

Specific mentions go to Gonazlo M, Harry S, Florence T, Michael W, Joseph J, and Daniel K for achieving A*s across the board. These pupils exemplify the spirit of Repton’s academic excellence. 

Notably, Harry S represented Great Britain U21s in hockey. His sporting abilities showcase the exceptional talent nurtured within the School’s sporting programmes. Additionally, Daniel K was a member of Repton’s elite swimming programme, competing at an international level. 

These achievements highlight the well-rounded education that Repton School provides. The School encourages pupils to excel academically and in their chosen fields. 

Ivy League Success 

Many Repton pupils have secured offers to study at Ivy League colleges in the U.S. Ella B, Ottilie S, and Martha B won places at Dartmouth, Cornell, and Princeton, respectively. 

Repton’s Headmaster Mark Semmence said: “We are ambitious for every one of our pupils, and it is fantastic to be able to recognise their success on results day.” 

The number of Reptonians studying in the U.S. reflects a national trend. Generous scholarships and excellent facilities often encourage UK pupils to study further afield. Repton School recognises and supports this trend. The School provides expert advice and guidance to each pupil throughout the application process. 

Repton also offers comprehensive preparation for the SAT (Standard Assessment Tests) and ACT (American College Testing) exams, with support from subject specialists. 

In the past, Repton has hosted events for those planning to study abroad. A 2021 event featured speakers from various universities across the world. The event also included Old Reptonians who are currently studying abroad. The speakers provided advice and insights to help pupils make informed decisions about their higher education choices overseas. 

Comprehensive Careers Advice 

At Repton School, career guidance is crucial to preparing pupils for life beyond the School. From an early stage, Repton pupils receive support on subject choices and their relevance to various careers. 

The Careers Advice department provides a framework for pupils to explore their strengths and interests. The department guides pupils towards career paths that align with their aspirations. 

The School also offers career profiling software. This software equips pupils with up to date information about numerous professions. The software also enables them to make informed decisions about their futures. 

Support In the Sixth Form 

Repton offers its pupils a structured career advice programme in the Sixth Form. This programme complements pupils’ preparation for the next stages of their education. Lower Sixth Form pupils attend talks on universities, degree courses, UCAS, and pupil life during the Lent and Summer terms. 

In addition to the talks, the School provides the annual Careers Convention. Pupils can engage with professionals about their respective fields and the academic paths they wish to follow. 

Repton also hosts a Careers Fair and a three-day Lower Sixth Conference. These events further enrich the pupils’ understanding of the application process and available career opportunities. 

Support From Old Reptonians 

Repton believes in the power of community and mentorship. The School has an established network of ambassadors and professional mentors among its alumni. This community of alumni offers guidance and advice to younger Reptonians through the careers programme. 

Repton Life is the networking platform for Old Reptonians, which has nearly one thousand active users. The network offers a space for these alumni to reconnect with their peers, organise events, and share news and career opportunities. 

Educating Future Leaders 

Repton shapes future leaders by helping its pupils become socially responsible and equipping them to face opportunities and challenges ahead. 

Repton’s dedicated teachers, tutors, coaches, and wider community work collaboratively to achieve this goal. As a whole, the School provides a holistic education that extends beyond the classroom in extracurricular activities. 

A Safe Haven for Growth 

While academic excellence is crucial to an outstanding education, Repton recognises the importance of its pupils leaving the School as well-rounded individuals. 

Crucial to this ethos is the acknowledgement that pupils may experience challenges during their lives. As a result, Repton places a strong emphasis on outstanding Pastoral care. The School creates a purposeful community where pupils can navigate adolescence together. 

Through this supportive environment, the School enables pupils to develop enriching life experiences and forge enduring friendships. 

A Modern Outlook on Tradition 

Repton’s success lies not just in its pupils’ outstanding academic achievements. The School also fosters pupils’ wider success stories. Repton’s ethos is to nurture the academic, creative, and sporting talents of each pupil, ensuring individuals feel valued and motivated to achieve their full potential. 

This personalised approach sets Repton apart, allowing the School to compete internationally across academia, music, the arts, and sports. 

About Repton School 

Repton School is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school in Derbyshire for pupils aged 13 to 18. Meanwhile, Repton Prep provides a preschool and primary education for children aged 3 to 13.  

Located in the heart of England, the through-school prepares pupils for success in a modern and ever-changing world. Repton focuses on fostering intellectual growth and personal development. Pupils leave the School fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in their future endeavours. 

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