Hilton Hotel opens a new concert and events complex

Recently opened Hilton Hotel eagerly greets its guests. The international brand is now represented in Aberdeen at TECA, and if you haven’t been there yet, it’s an idea for your next vacation. The first guests were welcomed with complimentary champagne and fantastic gifts in each of the rooms. But today, you can also claim your Syndicate Casino bonus as an extra incentive, in addition to enjoying the location, the convenience of the suites, and the boundless possibilities that Hilton Hotels & Resorts offers. 

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Hilton Hotel invites you to a cozy modern P&J Live on The Event Complex, where it is situated. Nearby (3.2 miles away) is the Aberdeen International Airport, so there should be no difficulty getting here. Get tickets for the next flight to Aberdeen, and within a few hours, you can enjoy first-class comfort in your perfect room with new renovations, furniture, and numerous cozy and comfortable extras. You deserve this. By the way, 11 miles from the hotel, you’ll find the Aberdeen Art Gallery, so if you love and appreciate art, be sure to visit it. 

What is inside? 

A real paradise awaits you where relaxation becomes synonymous with every step you take. The complex combines 200 luxurious bedrooms spread across four floors. Among them, 9 apartments are luxury-class rooms with simply breathtaking views from the window. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this. Luxury rooms are named after famous and iconic people of the region. Also, you can enjoy a luxurious presidential suite, which, among other advantages, offers you open terraces. Currently, a room with such equipment and amenities is the only one in the city, so don’t miss your chance to get the best. 

Hotel Room Amenities 

In the understanding of Hilton Aberdeen hotel representatives, comfort consists of: 

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff; 
  • Superb service; 
  • All the amenities right in your suites; 
  • Mini-fridge stocked with delicious beverages; 
  • Air conditioning in every room so you can set the most comfortable microclimate for yourself; 
  • Smart TV with high-definition picture and a wide screen diagonal; 
  • Additional entertainments that may vary depending on the season but never run out. 

Moreover, each room has everything you need to make hot drinks: tea or coffee. Luxury rooms are equipped with espresso machines, so you can enjoy delicious coffee without leaving your room. Parking, breakfast, massage services — all are available to customers as well. These services are not included in the room rate and are ordered and paid for separately. A significant advantage of the complex is its maximum accessibility for people with special needs, making it a place where everyone will feel at home, and even better! 

This is your personal invitation from the General Manager 

The General Manager of Hilton Aberdeen is Mark Leyland. And he reminds you to consider that you have a personal invitation and can expect service of the highest class. Allow yourself the luxury and first-class amenities, enjoy the Devona Spa, an incredible grill bar called Quarter House, and a multitude of other options. 

Please note that TECA is not just a hotel but a complex of facilities integrated into a common ecosystem for the maximum convenience of every customer. The opening of the complex cost a total of £333 million. The complex replaced AECC, which had already lost its relevance. Construction and renovation took three years to finally open the doors to everyone! 

Interesting Details about Hilton Aberdeen 

The new hotel is managed by the RBH brand. The Managing Director of the management company is Andrew Robb. He was present at the hotel’s opening and expressed his enthusiasm that the city now has the only establishment of this kind ready to welcome guests. He also promised that the hotel complex would continue to develop and offer even more comfort, coziness, and entertainment options for guests each season. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Hilton Aberdeen TECA? 

Scotland is a picturesque place, and the tourist season here continues almost year-round. From May to September, the days are long and sunny, making this period ideal for active recreation. Come here in spring and summer to enjoy the mountains, visit lakes, and see historical landmarks. After active leisure, allow yourself to relax at Hilton Aberdeen, visit the spa, and enjoy other hotel amenities. 

When autumn depression sets in with the first winds and falling leaves, Hilton Aberdeen is ready to welcome you into its warm embrace after magical photoshoots and walks in nature. The most beautiful time here is in October and early November, when Scotland and Hilton Aberdeen will amaze you with unearthly beauty. 

In winter, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the Alps, and be sure to buy gifts at the numerous Christmas markets. Your gifts are waiting for you at Hilton Aberdeen as well since the establishment plans to host interesting and exciting events during this period that you may enjoy. There are options for both business travelers and family vacations. 

In April, trees and flowerbeds begin to bloom, various events are held for spring holidays, and prices during this period are among the most affordable, as the peak of the summer season and holiday events may be more expensive. So, spring is a wonderful way to see the magical beauty of Scotland, enjoy the spa and entertainment at the hotel, and save some money. 

Treat yourself to the best vacation in Scotland 

According to TripAdvisor, room prices at Hilton Aberdeen TECA start at $96. For this price, you get impeccable service, excellent comfortable rooms, and a lot of additional options for relaxation and entertainment. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend time at a part of the Hilton Hotels & Resorts chain, located in a modern exhibition and entertainment complex. 

In addition to everything the hotel offers to visitors, you can also take advantage of the options available at The Event Complex Aberdeen since, besides the new four-star hotel, there is a conference center, concert arena, hotel, restaurants, shops, and other establishments for various events and entertainment. It’s worth noting that free Wi-Fi and parking are available to guests, making it a great choice for both business trips and leisure visits. 

And since the hotel offers a highly convenient location, it’s an excellent choice if you’re attending concerts, performances, business meetings, or other events. You can count on the highest quality of service, as the Hilton brand is already known for its high level of service and comfort, valuing its reputation and the opinion of every guest. So, if you’re traveling to Scotland, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Hilton Hotel at least once in your lifetime. 

Regardless of the season, experience the highest level of service and an unforgettable experience at this wonderful hotel, which combines luxury, comfort, and entertainment for all tastes and even anticipates the necessities of people with special needs. Discover the true magic of Scotland! 


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