Funding deal

Digital forensic firm Cyacomb ready to scale

Cyacomb will help law enforcement

Cyacomb, the Edinburgh-based digital forensics company, has received £3.8 million to scale up operations, explore new markets, and continue to drive down harmful digital content.

The package was delivered by the Scottish National Investment Bank (SNIB), Scottish Enterprise, and Par Equity.

Cyacomb, previously known as Cyan Forensics, has developed digital safeguarding software used by law enforcement agencies around the world, and is said to be 100 times quicker than the market’s existing sifting tools.

CEO Ian Stevenson said: “Our forensics products help law enforcement find evidence fast, speeding investigations and supporting prompt safeguarding actions for children and the wider community.”

The funding comes at a strategic time as the company appoints a non-executive director, Richie McBride, founder of Edesix

Jane Reoch, executive director at SNIB, commented: “Their software is delivering real, tangible benefits to society both in detecting harmful content, but also reducing trauma as officers no longer have to trawl through hours of offensive images – it’s all done quickly and efficiently with their software.

“It’s inspiring to support companies like Cyacomb in being able to grow and develop their product to take it further in to new, global markets.”

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