Cristiano Ronaldo’s popularity: what does it mean for the sports betting world?

There are many qualities hidden in the famous Cristiano Ronaldo: endurance, strength, agility, power and speed. He possesses an indefatigable will to win, which made him a real football star. It is enough to carefully analyze the game of the popular Portuguese, and immediately five key moments of his incredibly great success stand out. 

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Cristiano Ronaldo is a master at capitalizing on his popularity, looks and so on. He constantly advertises branded goods of such companies as Nike, Emporio Armani, KFC and so on. In addition, the footballer often puts aside the development of the hotel and restaurant business. He also has a clinic dealing with hair transplantation. Regularly the athlete visits the gym, to shops where he buys stylish and expensive clothes. Does not refuse a pleasant perfume, so he prefers only expensive fragrances. His income for one year alone is sometimes about 109 million dollars. 

Ronaldo’s popularity in bookmakers’ offices

In addition to everyday events, Cristiano spends more time on the football field. For all the time he has to run more than 100 kilometers a day, it is not the limit. He constantly monitors his physique and figure to maintain his stamina, speed and other performance. Therefore, Ronaldo is considered one of the strongest players in Portugal. 

The following stats are considered important for him:

  • Endurance. Ronaldo runs more than 10 kilometers in one game alone, as he plays quite often. Most of his goals are scored in the last twenty minutes: it’s his speciality. While the others were deflated by the end of the match, he started to work with the same vigor as if he had just rested and come out. New Bookies UK suggests taking this parameter into account in the first place.
  • Strength. An athlete squats with a barbell in his hands and can lift 200 kilograms of weight. Strong areas on the body are essential for any striker, who gets the opportunity to score with his head right when jumping. Cristiano can jump up to 79 centimeters upwards, meaning that reaching the ball is not difficult for him. 
  • X-factor. Throughout his time, the athlete has learnt to play much faster and to make instant decisions. It makes him unique. Professional footballers often have increased speed, which leads to the perception of the entire space, which helps to pre-analyse any situation. Moving up to 7 times per second, Ronaldo makes a record in his abilities. When Cristiano chooses a moment to circle his opponent, he makes hints of one move, while he makes a completely different move. This deceptive process allows him to gain favor with the rest of the tournament. Everything he does is purely subconscious. 
  • Speed. For just one game, Ronaldo manages to accelerate about 33 times, producing a speed of 33 kilometers per hour. His quickness begins to negate any speed attempts. Artificially creating a real position, allows him to stay out of the game. He has developed a sense of maintaining strength and control over his body. Therefore, the footballer easily changes his direction.

The basic speed of the ball after a strong blow by the athlete, can reach up to 130 kilometers per hour. The unrivaled technique helps the footballer at the moment of execution of a free kick to embrace the ball with the lateral part of the foot. As a result, the ball during the flight begins to rotate strongly, which can dramatically change the trajectory. Thus, the goalkeeper of the other team will have no chance to defend his own “possession”.

Real fans of modern football in the world tournament, perfectly know Ronaldo as the most talented footballer. It is because he has been engaged in sports from a young age and achieves the proper results. In his personal life, Ronaldo is an exemplary father of four children. In addition, he is considered a successful businessman, who has a huge number of entrepreneurial activities. For the bookmaker all his indicators and life changes are important, so some fans made bets on who he will give birth to: a boy or a girl.


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