Why You Should Never Hire A Plumber Without A Liability Insurance


Death is something that never comes calling, but that does not mean we have to submit to its demands deliberately. Even though we cannot race like Barry Allen, as he did with death, we can halt its invitation.

Therefore, working in safe environments with less risk of severe injury is important, which is different for the plumbing industry, where chances are more than outcomes.

Consequently, to secure oneself, a plumber will require liability insurance, which will look after their tools if it is stolen and medical bills if they get injured. Further, it should also provide them with ample compensation to engage with the tasks.

Hence, industry experts always tell people to hire plumbers with liability insurance, as it is the safest and most lawful way of asking for services, and if you don’t, there is a huge risk you might face.

Let’s know it in the next section –

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Risk Of Hiring Plumber Without Liability Insurance

In the UK, certain people have to follow up before hiring a plumber, as plumbing is a critical job with a high threat level. Therefore, if you don’t follow the rules, here is what you have to deal with –

1.      Poor Quality Work

One of the obvious things you will get from an unlicensed plumber is that there is a high chance of destroying your plumbing system, which will take up a large amount of finances to recover.

Therefore, when you hire a plumber, you should ensure they are licensed and have the proper insurance, which assures the trustability to think they can fix rather than create unnecessary plumbing issues.

So, never go for low prices. Rather, choose quality over price to fix the intricate plumbing issues of your house.

2.      Unnecessary Lawsuits

Another thing you can surely face if you hire an unlicensed plumber is that if they ever get injured while working in your home or business, they can file a lawsuit against you. This can put you and your business at great risk.

There is a possibility that you have a huge amount of money as a settlement, which is more than the service they provide. If you are not looking for the money, then access the homeowner’s licence to pay for the damages.

Hence, it’s better to hire a plumber with a proper licence and liability insurance, where they can easily pay the medical bill even if they get injured. So, no trouble for you.

3.      Chances Of Paying Fines

As discussed, certain laws in the UK ask people to hire plumbers with a proper licence and insurance. Otherwise, they won’t be able to put permits on certain plumbing jobs, as that licence is mandatory.

For certain plumbing works, there are certain permits that you need to follow, and if you don’t care about that because of the prices, then there is only trouble waiting for you. As an owner, you must pay huge fines and fix the issue.

Therefore, if you want a peaceful and steady life, you should hire a properly licensed plumber to solve the issues, or else, you can’t wait to get the right one like your partner.

4.      Lack Of Proper Tools

For every job, certain tools allow one to fix the issue. It is a similar case in the plumbing scene, where a licensed plumber knows the right tool for the particular problem, and they can use it to fix it.

Conversely, with an unlicensed plumber, the chances are low. It is asking Frank Abagnale Junior to become a good plumber and thinking he will fix the issue. Therefore, if you want to live a life full of uncertain principles like Heisenberg, hiring a licence with the tools to fix the problem is better.

It is like choosing Oppenheimer over Heisenberg to fix the issue, where the former is better than the latter. Hence, hire a plumber with a plumbers liability insurance and cut out the ifs and buts from your toilets and bathroom.

Wrapping Up

In the end, choose a licensed plumber with the proper liability licence to give another spin to your head so you do the right thing for your pipes, drainage, and washroom. Otherwise, it’s an endless stream of paying fines and over fines.

So, choose the right guy. Just think of the work you have to put in to select your partner. Use the same tactics while choosing the plumber for your house.

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