Hoax sale businessman in housebuilding venture

Grant MacCusker
Grant MacCusker: new role

A businessman who falsely claimed he had sold his lettings company to Airbnb is promoting a new housebuilding venture.

Grant MacCusker, who misled investors, a crowdfunding platform and the media over his business transactions, is now CEO of Tilbury Homes, though he was reluctant to discuss the company or his plans when approached by Daily Business.

The website describes the company as “experts in working with homeowners who are considering the financial benefits of selling their land for new home developments”. It invites those with land available for sale to contact the company via an email address.

There is no head office address, but the registered office is 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh.

Mr MacCusker said the new venture has no connection to Tilbury Homes (Scotland) which is listed on Companies House as a dormant company that changed its registered address to South Gyle, Edinburgh, in April this year, the same month that Mr MacCusker says he took up his new role.

“Seems like you are getting yourself confused here again,” said Mr MacCusker when asked about the company and his plans.

“The company you reference, Tilbury Homes (Scotland), is not the company I’m CEO of, nor has it in any way, anywhere referenced that.

“It has no employees on Linkedin attached to the company I’m attached to and on my research there is no one saying they are employees either.

“The website is still being worked on and the photos are called CGIs which are allowed to be used and do not (make) reference to anywhere or claim this is what we have built. It does have a registered office there and it is registered on Companies House there, too.”

He said the company is registered under a different name but declined to disclose it. He requested no further contact.

Mr MacCusker hit the headlines earlier this year when it was revealed that he fabricated news of a sale of his property tech company Letting Cloud to international holiday rental giant Airbnb. He also invented a roster of executive staff using photos taken from the internet.

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