Building Bridges: Navigate Bisexual Relationships Online

Over the last few years, much effort has been directed toward advocating for LGBTQ rights, but more emphasis has been on same-sex relations. Sadly, this has overshadowed the needs of the bisexual community. Sexuality experts suggest that bisexuals are less likely to be open about their sexuality, fearing discrimination from the heterosexual, gay, and lesbian communities. This calls for society to build bridges with the forgotten group and encourage healthy relationships. Here’s how we can utilize the internet to do the same. 

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  1. Embracing Bisexuality By Dating Online 

If you are open to dating a bi, take your shot and start building a relationship. Be open-minded and avoid the stereotypes and stigma aimed at the community. To land a bisexual hookup, fast and easy, leverage the power of virtual dating using matchmaking sites. This strategy is the most convenient and private way to find a like-minded partner. 

Apart from the romance, dating bisexuals helps you to understand their struggles. It offers an opportunity to engage in open conversations, learn, and unlearn certain things.  

  1. Education 

Due to cultural and societal norms that have been around for centuries, gender orientation still isn’t relatable to everyone. Even worse, there’s a lack of enlightenment on LGBTQ matters. Therefore, people need to access information about bisexuality and free their minds from misconceptions and stereotypes. Additionally, educating yourself on this would help prevent biphobia and promote tolerance. 

You can find informative material on the internet to help you understand bisexuals better, making it easier to develop supportive relationships. Look for scientific research papers, articles, statistics, and other important verified data to understand how sexual attraction works in males and females. 

  1. Celebrating Pride 

As we have already seen, bisexuals find it difficult to come out of the closet for fear of discrimination. This may result in mental and emotional stress, isolation, loneliness, and relationship challenges. If you are close to a closeted bisexual, this may even affect their relationship with you.  

However, you can encourage them by openly celebrating Pride Month on your social media and website. Ensure you mention something nice about the bisexual community as an outright sign you’ve nothing against them. Doing it will empower them and give them the courage to open up and feel equally important. 

  1. Advocating for Bi Rights 

Now that we know that much emphasis has been placed on human rights at the expense of minority groups, it’s time to level the playing field and share the limelight. To build bridges with the bisexual group, you can conduct advocacy campaigns virtually to sensitize the online space to recognize and respect bisexual individuals. Support them by pushing for diversity in the workplace, where they will feel accommodated. 

Advocating for their rights and freedom on social media is a great way to reach a broad audience with a huge demographic. This will help reduce biphobia and discrimination. 

  1. Create a Respectful and Supportive Online Environment  

Sometimes, we are the enablers of impunity against the disadvantaged and marginalized people. For example, by calling bi people derogatory names and contributing to stereotypes and misconceptions, you make them even more likely to be attacked on the internet. This leads to even greater cultural isolation and marginalization. 

Therefore, be a good example to the online society. Advocate for recognizing bisexual people by treating them respectfully and developing healthy relationships with them online and offline. 

Also, help educate ignorant social media users and report offensive comments made online to protect the community from biphobia. 

  1. Celebrate Your Identity 

The easiest way to encourage someone to embrace their sexuality is to lead by example and be proud of yourself. If you are bisexual, celebrate yourself and be open about your orientation. Join support groups near you or open online chatrooms or virtual communities for the same. You can also put yourself out there by being open about it on your social media handles and website.  

For example: 

  • Share your story- talk about your bisexuality journey and what you are proud of so far 
  • Participate in campaigns for bi people. For instance, the Bisexuality Visibility Day is a good chance to embrace yourself. 
  • Showcase media like art and images about your orientation 

Celebrating your identity will also attract like-minded individuals open to friendship and relationships. Additionally, celebrating yourself influences others to do the same, raising awareness online.  


The letter B may be the most forgotten in LGBTQ. Therefore, the bi community has been disadvantaged and will likely face more discrimination if nothing is done. We can help the group become freer and more open about their orientation in non-judgmental and supportive ways. For instance, dating bisexual individuals and supporting them with love builds bridges with the group and helps us to understand them better. By utilizing the internet, we can help the bisexual community by educating ourselves and empathizing with them. 

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