Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe

Looking to travel throughout Europe on your own but not sure where to begin? The good news is that if you’re seeking to travel alone in Europe, you have a plethora of options. From coastal getaways to city breaks, cultural excursions to gourmet experiences, here are the 5 greatest locations to travel alone in Europe! 

Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

Switzerland, Zurich 

Zurich, sometimes mistaken for Switzerland’s capital city (there is no capital city), is a lovely Swiss location that should be on every Europe itinerary. 


Zurich is beautiful to visit at any time of year, although the winter brings snow, while the summer brings a quiet lakeside experience. 


Some of the best things to do in Zurich on your own include exploring the Altstadt (literally translated as ‘old town,’ this district features many cobblestone lanes and plenty of traditional Swiss architecture), and catching the best view of the city from the top of the 12th-century Grossmünster cathedral. 


Though the city is beautiful at any time of year, it’s worth noting that while the summer months promise the best weather (and thus the best time to enjoy day excursions from the city), the winter months coat the city in a stunning blanket of snow, and Zurich’s Christmas Markets are easily among the best in Europe. 


Lyon, France 


If it’s your first time traveling Europe on your own, I wouldn’t suggest Paris as a solo travel destination (the city may be daunting and enormous, not to mention there are many scams in Paris that can easily catch out even the most careful of travelers)! 


Lyon, a tiny city in Eastern France, is more recognized for its world-famous gastronomy culture, spectacular Roman ruins, and richness of gorgeous architecture. Lyon also has a beautiful international airport close to the city center! 


Lyon is ideal for the first (or hundredth) time solo traveler in France, whether you prefer meandering through ancient museums, taking day excursions to the surrounding wine region, or just soaking in the views of an old town. 


Nearby Vienne offers spectacular Roman remains, while Lyon serves as the entrance to the wine region, namely Burgundy. 


Antwerp, Belgium 

There are few destinations in Belgium that are as tempting, exhilarating, or interesting for solitary travelers as Antwerp. Anvers, as it is known in French, or Antwerpen, as it is known in Flemish, is a cool and dynamic port city that is sometimes neglected in favor of the Belgian capital city, Brussels.  


For example, if you like contemporary art, you could visit the MAS museum (which also has a free panoramic rooftop patio), while history fans might attempt to follow in the footsteps of Rubens, who was born in the Northern Belgian city. 


Let’s not forget the other hidden gems to discover in Antwerp which are the numerous gorgeous and uniquely Flemish churches. 


Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Consider yourself strolling among 17th-century canal homes, camera in one hand and curiosity in the other. Perhaps no European major city is more suited to solitary travelers than Amsterdam. You can’t go wrong by spending a weekend exploring the joys of this city, which is full to the brim with intriguing museums, magnificent scenery, casino where you can play rainbow riches and unique things to do. 

Must-see sites in the Dutch capital include the Rijksmuseum (home to the world-famous artwork The Night Watch) and exploring the city’s numerous hidden jewels, such as the hofjes, or secret courtyards. 

I personally suggest Café de Sluyswacht (address: Jodenbreestraat 1, 1011 NG Amsterdam) for one of the greatest Dutch experiences in Amsterdam. 

You may get vegan bitterballen to go with your local beer, which comes in a variety of flavors. 

Edinburgh, Scotland 

Edinburgh, being the capital city of Scotland, clearly has no lack of fantastic things to do, from seeing Harry Potter-inspired locales to enjoying some of the region’s greatest local brews. 

As a consequence, you’ll have a terrific time seeing this UNESCO World Heritage literary city, especially if you’re traveling alone and have total control over your schedule! 

Visit the world-famous Edinburgh Castle, climb Arthur’s Seat for the best view in Edinburgh, and take a walk along The Royal Mile, which is considered to be the most famous street in all of Scotland. These are just some of the attractions that can be found in the Scottish city. 

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