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Why Is My Disposable Vape Bubbling When I Vape?

So, you thought you had become a vaping pro, and nothing could stop you, but an air bubble did? Well, it’s completely alright! Formulating bubbles in disposable vapes is not a big deal, and you can fix them by employing a few simple troubleshooting tips.  

To learn about those tips, all you need to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy reading this extremely informative article.  

What Is The Reason Behind Bubbling In Vape Tanks? 

Here are some of the major reasons why you may experience vape bubbles. Let’s explore together! 

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Increased Airflow:  

In most disposable vapes, there is no option for adjusting the airflow. Disposables give a fixed number of puffs based on their limited airflow. The problem begins when a user tries to increase the airflow using DIY hacks. The increased airflow causes bubble formation in the tank and ruins the vaping experience.   

Overuse Of The Device:  

Overuse is common among new vapers, as disposable e-cigs may only handle short puffs. Moreover, Nicotine strength also plays a crucial role in excessive use. If a user picks a 10mg strength liquid, they may take more puffs to compensate, putting strain on the vape that ultimately causes bubble formation.  

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your disposable vape device is designed to handle the specific nicotine strength. Thats why its very demanding in all vape shops. 

Inappropriate Storage:  

Correct storage is vital to ensure the smooth functioning of your vape device and avoid bubble formation.  

Harsh Inhalation:  

Vaping can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to avoid too soft or too hard drags on your vape. Harsh inhales infiltrate your e-liquid cartridge, causing bubble formation in the tank. So, ensure to inhale moderately to avoid getting all your money wasted.  

Well, from a low quantity of e-liquid to faulty vape coils, there are numerous reasons for bubbling in your vape. Therefore, Detecting the right cause and fixing it appropriately is important.  

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into some of the most practical tips to get rid of bubbles in your favourite vape device.  

Most Effective Tips To Fix Disposable Vape Bubbles:  

In modern vape pens, a rubber stopper is placed to prevent the seeping of e-liquid. Remove the rubber protector and place your disposable vape on its side to release the air pressure. Make sure to place the vape on the side closest to the stopper. Return the stopper to the gap once the air bubble has been eliminated, and enjoy smooth vaping.  

Insufficient e-liquid is one of the most prominent reasons for bubble formation in a vape tank. It is a frequently occurring issue in pod vapes. If this is the case, add more vape juice, and let the tank fill up. However, disposable vape tanks are not refillable, so the only solution is to buy a new one! 

Storing your vape device in too cold environments can cause e-liquid thickening; it can disturb the airflow, causing bubbles. Keeping your device in a bit warmer environment for a bit can pop the air bubble. Rub the device for a few minutes to warm up a vape kit, blow hot air into the cartridge or place it in warm water.  

A tap may sound effortless, but it works, especially if the air bubble is small. Tap your device gently on the bubbling spot. Be gentle while tapping your vape; you need that tiny bubble to disappear, not the whole device.  

Conclusive Remarks:  

You must learn how to deal with bubbling for a smooth vaping experience. These tips are quite effective and can save you a lot of trouble. Especially in the case of disposable vapes,  you cannot add more e-liquid or adjust the airflow. Therefore, storing your device correctly and avoiding bubble formation is important. Also, see the manufacturer’s guide before using a new vape to ensure a pleasurable experience. 

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