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The most popular way of transferring money in 2023

We live in the modern world with a quick lifestyle. Everything is technologically equipped, even our payment. If we think for a minute, here comes a thought, that we usually get money on our card. We pay for fruits and vegetables, for entertainment, or even for rent using our credit cards. This is very comfortable and doesn’t take a lot of time. This transfer is common now everywhere and, according to this entry, it is to understand its popularity. Users don’t need to do any extra movements. 

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However, when it comes to international transfers from card to card, you should always keep in mind that not all banks can make a transfer on their own (and some of them haven’t this function at all). But this is such a small nuance compared with all the pluses of this card to card transfer online.

What are the advantages of this service?

Before the start of using this transferring option, you have to know many characteristics of it. 

If we define a payment system in simple terms, then it is a complex of software, and hardware technologies designed to perform financial transactions using noncash money.

For the customer, the e-commerce purchase process begins with an interaction with the payment provider. It is thanks to the clear work of providers, banks, and other participants in this system. 

But card-to-card transfer online is getting better every day: new options are appearing, performance is increasing, and many other benefits are in use:

  1. You can work with an account in the payment system around the clock. You will always have access to a corporate account, each client receives a personal account in the system, something like Internet banking with traditional banks. 
  2. Many payment systems open multi-currency accounts. This is a plus. But some systems work with only one currency (for example, with the euro). Check this point in advance. 
  3. As a rule, using the account is free, you only need to pay for transactions. Sometimes their cost is fixed (suitable for large payments), and sometimes it is a percentage of the payment amount (a good solution for micropayments).
  4. The difference between an account in a payment system and a bank account is simplified requirements for identifying customers and the absence of restrictions on the type of activity of companies.

So, that is why it is so popular throughout society. The list of advantages is very big, while the disadvantages are almost inconspicuous.

In some systems, you can open an account for a company only after opening a personal account for its director or trustee. It is not such a big problem for a casual user.

Basic rules for using the service

According to the accomplishments of online payment, it is a huge doubt that you don’t use it in everyday life. But you have to know how to execute funds transferring.

You can make this transaction from card to card online in the following secure way: you have to open one of the bank’s apps: go to the “Services”, select the “Payment” subitem, and in it – “To a bank”. After this, the system will prompt: select the card from which the transfer will be made and check if everything is right. 


According to this article, card-to-card transfer online is very useful in modern life. As we can see, it has many advantages: quick, simple, and trustworthy. So that is why a lot of people come to the idea of using this service.

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