Signs You May Need To Upgrade Your Woodworking Machinery

When it comes to woodworking machinery, it is worth purchasing the best quality machinery that you can. After all, in the long run, purchasing cheaper machinery in order to save money could actually end up costing you more over time. Good quality machinery will reflect in the work that you can produce and will offer you the precision and attention to detail that customers demand. It isn’t always necessary to purchase something brand new, however. There are some very good companies out there offering top quality refurbished woodworking machinery. This will save you a lot of money.

If you are wondering when you might need to think about upgrading your woodworking machinery, then here are four signs that you need to look out for:

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

1.Cutting unevenly

It is really important for every piece of wood for your project to be cut evenly. This is so that all of the pieces will fit together properly when you are building anything from a picture frame to a piece of furniture. If your machine is on its way out, then it is likely to start cutting unevenly and this will mean that the pieces you end up with will not fit together properly, leading to a shoddy end product. This can be a good indication that you may need to consider a new machine that will once again ensure that you are cutting all of your pieces evenly and offering your clients a better end product. 

2.Your machine is vibrating too much 

If your woodworking machine is vibrating when it is running,then this is also a sign that it may be time to consider an upgrade. Over time, vibrations from your machine can cause damage and if that machine is vibrating a lot, then it may mean that you do not have much time before it breaks down completely. It is worth having the machine serviced in case there is a fault that is causing the vibration that can be fixed easily. If it is not a fixable fault, then you should start looking for a replacement machine sooner rather than later. 

3.Your machine is not cutting fast enough

Cutting a large number of pieces of wood to the right size in order to assemble the finished items as quickly as possible can be a time consuming task. If you are working on your own then you will probably want to do all of your cutting in one sitting. If you work as part of a team, then you will need to keep the production line moving. If your machine has started cutting through wood slowly then this process will become more time consuming and can really slow you down. It is worth checking the saw blades first but if these are okay then you should consider upgrading to a newer faster machine. 

4.There are sparks coming from your motor

It is never a good sign if you can see sparks coming from anywhere on your woodworking machine and this is possibly the most important sign that you need to look at upgrading your machine. It could, after all,  be considered a health and safety issue. There are a number of reasons that this might be occurring, and the most likely reason is that you are putting too much wood through too quickly and therefore placing a lot of additional strain on the machine in question. 

5.You machine does have the functions you need

One final reason that you may want to consider an upgrade is that you have an older machine that does not have some of the functionality and features that you will find with a newer model. These could be things that will help you streamline your processes and help make you more productive. 

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