Branding row

Name’s the same as brewer hits out at BrewDog

Shore Leave (pic: BrewDog)
Shore Leave by BrewDog (pic: BrewDog)

A micro-brewery owner says she will be changing the name of a top-selling brand after BrewDog launched its own beer with the same name.

Sonja Mitchell runs alcohol-free Jump Ship Brewing and last year launched a range of summer drinks called Shore Leave.

She was astonished when BrewDog, which has grown into a global business, announced its own Shore Leave brand and even promoted it using the slogan “It’s time to jump ship.”

Ms Mitchell, who earlier this year raised £360,000 for her Edinburgh brewery through a crowdfunding exercise, said: “It’s disappointing, and as a small business it’s really uncomfortable.”

Shore Leave by Jump Ship Brewing (pic: Shore Leave)

She trademarked Jump Ship but did not do the same for Shore Leave.

“I think we’ll need to change the name of our beer,” she said. “They have the trademark. They have the power over the Shore Leave name now.

“They’re putting a lot of money and investment into making their beer well known. It doesn’t sit well with me to have a beer with the same name as a BrewDog product.

A Brewdog spokesman said: “We were unaware of Jump Ship Brewing.

“When it was drawn to our attention a few days ago we quickly decided to drop the line ‘Time to Jump Ship’. It will be replaced with ‘Rock the Boat’.”

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