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BrewDog adds C&A chief executive Boer to board

Giny Boer, chief executive of Dutch retail chain C&A, has joined the BrewDog board as an independent non-executive director.

Ms Boer has been running the chain, which has 1300 stores across Europe, since January 2021, working with Allan Leighton, chairman of BrewDog. C&A closed its last stores in the UK 20 years ago.

BrewDog founder James Watt said: “As well as being a brilliant retailer, taking over a huge business like that in the middle of a lockdown only goes to show how resilient she is.

“Apart from overhauling their stores and e-commerce offering, she’s put sustainability right at the heart of C&A, which puts her and BrewDog on exactly the same page – offering great products while being good for the planet.”

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