8 Important Uses of JCB Telescopic Handlers

The innovative telehandler is one of the best options for an extensive range of industries and applications. The telehandler has an effective feature, which is why it is used in multiple industries. When dealing with heavy material handling, you must use telehandlers to load and unload the materials. 

Additionally, if you want to lift heavy objects to a great height, use the JCB telehandlers. Suppose you live in a snowy area where the snow blocks the road; a telehandler will be helpful for the removal of the snow and clearing your road. Even in the agricultural industry, the farmers will use telehandlers to lift the feed and grains. 

There are more other major uses of telehandlers you need to know before buying one for your various industries. In this article, you will learn about the uses of the JCB telehandlers. Keep reading the article!

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  1. Material Handling 

One of the many uses of the JCB telehandlers is to handle materials—the primary use of the telehandlers is to carry heavy material from one place to another. The maneuverability of the telehandler makes it possible to work in tight areas where the forklift cannot work. Telehandlers are used in warehouses, construction sites, material handling industries, etc. 

When you want to pick up the palates from the barns or the storage shed, you must use the telehandlers to perform the job efficiently. Suppose you want to get more and more information about the JCB telehandler. 

In that case, you can visit the website https://www.mascus.co.uk/construction/telescopic-handlers/jcb in which you will know about the price of the JCB telehandler and also know the availability of the telescopic handlers for your various industrial applications. 

  1. Elevated Positioning 

The telehandlers’ next major use is lifting heavy objects to great heights. If you do not use telehandlers for lifting heavy objects to height, you need a team of workers that will cause a huge cost for your company. 

On the other hand, when you use the JCB telehandlers for such purposes, you can perform many functions without manual help. It will be time and money-saving for you. Hence, telehandlers are lifting heavy equipment to an elevated position. It is mostly used in multi-story construction sites. 

  1. Snow Removal 

Another use of the JCB telehandlers is snow removal. In the winter, roads are full of snow, which can cause road blockage. In this situation, you can use telehandlers to remove the snow from the roads and clear them for transportation. 

You will have the option of snow buckets, plow and attachment to the telehandlers to remove the snow and provide a safer environment for working. The productivity of the work or project will be increased after the use of the JCB telehandlers for snow removal. 

  1. Sanitation and Recycling 

Among many uses of the JCB telehandlers, one use is sanitation and recycling of waste material. You need to know that telehandlers are used to remove waste material. In the recycling plans, many countries are trying to recycle the waste material.  Telehandlers are used for collecting the waste materials by using the blades. 

Additionally, the telehandlers are easy to operate, and you can easily learn how to use the telehandlers for different purposes. 

  1. Repair Infrastructure

The next important use of the JCB telehandler is to repair the infrastructure. If repair is needed in a tall building, streetlights, statue, and power line, you can use telehandlers to do all these repairs. The work platform is attached to the telehandlers to help the workers repair the damage easily and comfortably. 

Work platforms are the non-slippery floor, reducing the risk of injuries and other accidents while repairing the infrastructure. 

  1. Earth Work Operations 

You must use telehandlers in your construction sites if you have a construction company for construction homes or buildings. One of the main uses of the telehandler in the construction site is earthwork operations. 

Before construction, you need to excavate the earth to build the foundations of your building. In the excavation, you need to use telehandlers to move a large amount of the earth and clear the site for construction. 

  1. Agricultural Use 

An important use of the JCB telehandler is in the agriculture industry. A telehandler uses the Turning cycle to maneuver in the farm shed or small yard. You can also use telehandlers to stack hay bales and lift the feeds or grains. 

One of the effective uses is the direct reach to the high-sided trailer that will be possible after the attachment of the buckets to the telehandlers. Thus, the JCB telehandler will be one of the great options for your agricultural purposes. 

  1. Caring for Trees 

When caring for nature, you need to take care of the trees with high heights. When you do not reach the high point of the tree, you need to use the telehandler for the tree’s better health. 

If you have a tree near your home, there will be a chance of cavities or other diseases or germs on your tree. In this case, you need to ensure the proper health of your tree. To ensure the tree’s better health, you must fill the cavity possible by using the telehandlers to reach the tall tree’s high point.

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