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Scotland sees biggest fall in manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing jobs have fallen sharply, says the GMB

Almost 200,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2010, with Scotland suffering the biggest decline, according to new figures.

The data, revealed by the GMG trade union, shows 6.7% of all manufacturing jobs have since the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition took office under David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

In 2010, the UK supported 2.9 million manufacturing jobs. Scotland has seen a 15.7% fall in manufacturing jobs (31,300), while the East of England lost more jobs (40,100) but a lower percentage of the total (14%). Northern Ireland lost 14.6% (12,900) of its jobs in the sector.

The decline will be discussed at GMB’s annual conference in Brighton today. 

Charlotte Brumpton-Childs, GMB National Officer, said: “The loss of almost 200,000 jobs is devastating for those workers – and their wider communities.  

“Every job lost means a household income more stretched. In the worst cost of living crisis for a generation we need more decent, skilled jobs – not to shed them at this rate. 

“Ministers must address this urgently or there could be worse to come.  

“The global green jobs race could revolutionise UK manufacturing – creating tens of thousands of jobs in fabrication for new wind, solar and nuclear.  

“But this Government seems happy to let them all disappear overseas.”

Some will argue that the decline in jobs will relate, at least in part, to automation and changes in the type of jobs people do which would have happened whoever was in power at Westminster.

Inward investment jobs rise

New figures have shown that 8,533 jobs were created or safeguarded through inward investment into Scotland, an increase of 9% compared to the previous year.

This was the highest number of planned jobs secured since FY18/19.

The figures, which combine inward investment projects supported by SDI, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland, were announced by Scottish Government Finance Secretary Shona Robison on a visit to Eurostampa (previously known as Gilmour & Dean) as the packaging firm unveiled a new facility in Cumbernauld.

The Italy-based company’s investment will see it almost double its previous factory space, creating 90 full-time equivalent roles and safeguarding 12 jobs.  The project has been supported by a £2.5m grant from Scottish Enterprise.

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