Privacy in an office acoustic booth. How is it used in practice?

Modern offices are often open-plan spaces that encourage collaboration between employees, but can hinder focus and negatively impact productivity. The lack of privacy during both business and private conversations is also a problem. One solution that is growing in popularity is acoustic pods. They allow the creation of a confidential and quiet space for work and meetings. In this article we will look at the advantages of office pods as a tool to improve the working environment in the office. We will also provide practical tips on how to use acoustic pods.

Why is private space in the office important?

A private space in the company is an aspect that is gaining in importance in the face of new design trends. Extended and noisy open spaces can not only lead to lower job satisfaction and general wellbeing, but also affect employee productivity, making it harder for them to succeed in their careers. Without a sense of confidentiality, people can feel uncomfortable and insecure. Consequently, this leads to stress and professional burnout. A private space in telephone booths, acoustic pods for one-on-one work or conference cabins, guarantees discretion during business calls and a place to focus on your duties or online meetings.

It is also important to provide adequate storage space for private belongings and documents. The attractive hushLock modular cabinets are ideal for both larger and smaller rooms. Locking with a key or combination lock and the possibility to separate the space with modules simultaneously improves privacy and prevents excessive noise penetration.

What is acoustic privacy?

Acoustic privacy means being able to avoid unwanted transmission of verbal information to third parties that may be present in the same place or room. During meetings this allows participants to share valuable information without fear of leakage.

Hushoffice multifunctional acoustic cabins are equipped with insulating and sound-absorbing materials. Many people wonder if there is total silence and if team mates can hear what topic is being discussed inside? At this point, it should be noted that absolute silence is unnatural and unhealthy for humans. Therefore, a sound level of around 40 decibels permeates the interior of the booths from the open office. It is audible as a muffled noise that does not interfere with concentration. In the hushHybrid individual work cabins, multi-layered walls and an upholstered interior convert 70 dB of noise into quiet ambient sound.

Conversations in the acoustic booth remain inside the booth

Booths and telephone booths designed to Class B and A according to ISO 23351-1:2020 guarantee the confidentiality of conversations conducted inside. Thanks to their design, they are able to adapt to changing needs.

Modular conference booths – space for work and creative team meetings

The hushMeet.L modular conference booths are the ideal solution for companies that want to provide a space for employees to discuss confidential and sensitive topics. They are designed to guarantee comfort, privacy and acoustic isolation when exchanging information, without fear of being overheard by unauthorised persons. Thanks to its modular design, the booth grows with the company’s growth and the need for larger meetings. Its surface area can be up to 9 square metres and accommodate up to 8 people. An important advantage is the absence of external interference. The calmness is conducive to broaching difficult topics and allows for creative brainstorming.

Telephone booths and pods for individual work – ergonomics and comfort

In many jobs it is necessary to have telephone conversations with customers or employees in the field. Equipped with a ventilation system and motion-sensing lighting, the hushPhone phone booth provides complete privacy and comfort during such conversations. Office noise does not prevent you from concentrating, answering questions quickly and hearing the interviewer well. Acoustics guarantee the peace and confidentiality of the information transmitted or heard. At the same time, the well-thought-out design with space for a laptop, power supply and ergonomic armrest positively contributes to comfort and well-being. By blocking out unnecessary external stimuli, we sound confident and nothing escapes our attention, making it easier to convince the person on the other end of the phone of our reasons.

Top-quality videoconferencing in an acoustic booth

Online meetings have become an essential part of remote working and communication between company departments. However, there are often problems with sound quality and visual imperfections, which can affect the effectiveness of the conversation. The hushHybrid acoustic booth creates the conditions to demonstrate your skills during company meetings. Thanks to the LED side strips, the face is well illuminated. The person in the booth looks professional, which adds to the confidence. The booth provides protection from the hustle and bustle of an open office and freedom of conversation by ensuring that others do not hear, even accidentally, any words. Visual privacy is also an advantage – the back panel can be made of frosted glass. When discussing a variety of topics, we feel calm, communicate flawlessly… the answers to even complex questions come easily, thanks to improved focus.

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