£9.7m deal

‘Home for a home’ deal brings new hope to estate

Kerry Macintosh: ‘Astounding it has taken this long’

For 20 years Kerry Macintosh has had to live with the devastation of owning a home that was earmarked for demolition after faults were found in the concrete used to build it.

Other residents moved out of the notorious Deans South estate in Livingston, but Kerry refused to move as the offer she received did not match the price she paid for the house.

Like others who stayed, it has been a long wait to get a chance of a home that is not riddled with defects. Now she will benefit from a new three-bed home, as part of a ‘home for a home’ deal  struck between Springfield Properties and Wheatley Group.

Under the £9.7 million deal, Springfield will build 46 properties with energy-efficient air source heat pumps and will include a mix of one and two bed cottage flats and two- and three-bedroom homes, all allocated for social rent. 

In addition, nine private homes will be built for existing homeowners, with construction work due to start this summer.

Tom Leggeat, Springfield Partnerships managing director, said: “The signing of this contract signals a momentous moment in the story of Deans South and we are incredibly proud of the leading role we have played to ensure we can finally bring the site back to life and give people the homes they deserve.  

“The deal with Wheatley Group marks the start of a brand-new chapter for Deans South. Crucially, it ensures that alongside the much-needed social rented homes, we can also deliver on our promise to provide a ‘home for a home’ for those homeowners who have lived in Deans South for decades.

“We are excited to get started on-site and begin this long-awaited, transformational project.”

The homes for social housing will be delivered for tenants of Wheatley Homes East, part of Wheatley Group.

Kerry, who bought her three-bed home in 2002, said: “It is astounding that it has taken 20 years to get to this point and it’s hard to articulate just how relieved and excited I am,” she said.

“The team at Springfield – particularly chairman Sandy Adam – have been amazing. They’ve been a fantastic support over the last seven years, ploughing on and finding a way forward when things were looking bleak. I cannot wait to get into my own, new home now and to help create the thriving place I know Deans South can be.”

Hannah Bardell MP for Livingston said: “Ahead of being elected in 2015 I visited a number of Deans South residents to hear first-hand what they faced.

“I was absolutely determined that I would do everything I can as the local MP to see this issue resolved and my team and I have worked closely with residents, the local council and Springfield to help find this resolution.

“I am incredibly grateful to all involved and commend Springfield on being so willing to support and persevere to help our Deans South residents who deserve nothing less that this excellent result.” 

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