4 Best Ski Resorts for Experienced Skiers in the Whole World

Skiing is a seasonal sport that has got a plethora of fans. There are people all over the world who can’t wait for winter to come and for temperatures to drop so that they can go to the mountains and spend their whole days skiing. If you are one of those experienced skiers, you can’t just visit any ski resort. You will need to find one with a variety of demanding pistes which are right up your alley. Below you will find a brief list of excellent ski resorts for experienced skiers in different corners of this Earth.

Photo by Go Montgenevre on Unsplash

1.    Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the US

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort knows how to enthral nature lovers all year round. Although it welcomes many guests who want to see the colourful side of nature in spring and summer, skiers from all over the world flood the resort in the winter in order to enjoy its challenging terrain. Of course, there are designated areas for beginners and intermediate skiers, but the experienced ones know where to go in order to practise, to improve and to have fun. The pistes in Jackson Hole are diverse, so advanced skiers will never get bored there.

2.    Verbier in Switzerland

Verbier is a European ski resort that has won many awards for its excellent services. The Alpine scenery never disappoints with its combination of snowy and sunny weather conditions and its high and steep slopes. Although all mountainous areas are magical, Switzerland is a special place that demands your full attention. You can ensure that you will spend your days skiing and your nights having fun at fairy-tale villages by booking your holidays on Erna Low as you can take care of your accommodation and your transfer to and from the resort with just a few clicks. You will definitely need some time to examine all the après-ski activities in Verbier and decide what to choose.

3.    La Grave in France

We can’t go away from the Alps so easily. The La Grave ski resort is another ski area that advanced skiers must explore at least once. Every person who is passionate about skiing has heard about this place and dreams of honing their skills and executing cool moves there. Skiers who are not afraid to try freeriding and freestyle are certain that the La Grave will provide them with the right terrain for their endeavours.

4.    Portillo in Chile

Let’s move to the Southern Hemisphere now and more specifically in South America. There are many destinations in South America that you must visit, and the Andes is definitely one of them. The Andes is even longer than the Alps. The Portillo in Chile is a great ski resort if you want to challenge yourself. It is not super busy, so you can practise at demanding runs and admire breathtaking views that you will cherish forever.

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