Hospitality boost

Scots splashed cash during Coronation week

Crowds gathering in the mall… while in Scotland pubs and restaurants enjoyed a surge in business

Pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants in Scotland enjoyed a bigger uplift in the week of the Coronation than any other part of the UK, according to new data.

Hospitality businesses north of the border reported a 10% rise in trading activity in the week leading to the bank holiday on 8 May compared to the week before the May Day bank holiday.

Despite the event taking place in London, the city saw only a 7% increase, while the southeast and Wales experienced the smallest rise of just 4%. Northern Ireland also enjoyed a strong uplift, with 9% higher spending.

The figures, compiled by Bank of Scotland, compared spending records between 2 and 8 May to data taken from the same sources two weeks earlier between 18 and 24 April. 

Pubs were allowed two extra hours of trading from 5-7 May. While the law only applied to England and Wales, individual councils in Scotland said they would adopt the later closing times.

Scottish spending over the Coronation also rose by a greater amount than during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee four-day-weekend last year which drove a 3% increase.  

Restaurants across the UK were the biggest beneficiaries, with customers spending 12% more than in previous weeks, followed by supermarkets and grocery retailers who saw a 9% increase. 

Spending in restaurants on Sunday and Monday rose by 37% and 51% respectively.  

Chris Lawrie, area director for Scotland at Bank of Scotland Commercial Banking, said: “It’s fantastic to see the boost the extra day’s bank holiday has given to businesses, many of which will be hoping for a similar surge in demand for the next bank holiday and into the summer.  

Regional spending increases 2-8 May compared 18-24 April

Scotland: 10%

Northern Ireland: 9%

North East: 7%

London: 7%

East of England: 6%

East Midlands: 6%

West Midlands: 6%

Yorkshire: 5%

South East: 4%

Wales: 4%

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