Safety and convenience – importing windows from Poland with Fenbro

Windows and doors from Poland are more and more popular among Irish and British homeowners. The reason behind it is a favourable price-quality ratio. Polish windows are premium class products at a competitive price. They offer very good technical parameters, especially in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. They are also available in a vast variety of types and styles to choose from. No wonder, Poland is one of the biggest windows and doors exporters in Europe. Windows and doors from Poland are mostly sold to European customers, but they are also exported further beyond the borders of the European Union.

Now, when you already know the biggest assets of Polish joinery, it is time to focus on the process of importing windows from Poland. How to make it fast and safe? Where to look for a good fitting team and how not to worry about losing guarantee on the products and service?

Benefits of importing windows from Poland with Fenbro

There are few ways to import windows from Poland. You can either handle the whole process on your own or choose a company which will provide you with a complete service – from the purchase up to the installation and after-sale service. Fenbro offers windows and doors with full guarantee and installation service all over Ireland. We deliver the highest quality joinery at the best price to B2B and B2C customers. A wide offer of joinery brands together with years of experience and great knowledge of the market makes us a reliable partner for private homeowners as well as business customers. But you do not have to take our word for it. Learn more about our company and make the decision for yourself!

Fenbro: Why should you trust us?

Choosing windows and doors for your home is not an easy task. There are a number of factors to consider before the purchase: window type, style, thermal insulation, to name but a few. At Fenbro, we do not only organise transportation and installation services. Our cooperation with you starts much earlier, at the point of discussing various options and selecting the best products for your home. Having access to a wide offer of the best Polish joinery brands, we can provide you with both standard and non-standard solutions. In other words, you do not have to limit yourself to a narrow selection of windows and doors.

Once you decide on a certain product, we take care of the rest. First of all, your order will be assigned to one dedicated consultant from the beginning to the end of the sales process. The person manages the process, follows the fulfilment of your order and is always ready to answer all your questions. Secondly, we provide safe transport and delivery to your address (business or home), at the same time, offering short lead time from 4 to 7 weeks for all products. We also provide professional installation services by a highly praised fitting team for customers from Ireland and Northern Ireland. It all translates into excellent customer service with 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google. Have you ever wondered how to recognize a reliable Company? You will find it out not when everything is going smoothly, but when some issues appear. At Fenbro, we always pick up the phone, answer the emails and in all cases, you can count on us. Great contact is not only on the sales process stage but also after delivery and installation. You can check the reviews on Facebook and Google and see what our customers say about it.

Windows and doors from Poland with full guarantee

Losing guarantee on your new windows and doors is one of the biggest fears for homeowners importing joinery from Poland. There are so many things that may go wrong in the process and leave you with a damaged window or door, but there seems to be no one to take responsibility for it. That is why, we always make sure the products are well-prepared for the transportation and reach their destination in a perfect shape. Our transport is fully insured, so you don’t have to worry. However, safe transport is not the only challenge to face.

When importing windows from Poland on your own, you are responsible for finding the right fitting team, too. Unfortunately, most of your local teams do not have authorisation from the joinery manufacturers. It means that you cannot count on the service guarantee and, at the same time, you are highly likely to lose the guarantee on the product itself. To avoid such risks, we provide our customers with a professional installation service, which entitles them to guarantee on both products and services. Do not take unnecessary risk. Contact Fenbro for more information.

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