Reasons to buy apartments in Spain by the sea

To buy apartments in Spain with a sea view is an opportunity to profitably invest money and realize the dream of a quiet holiday. The warm Mediterranean coast has always been appealing to visitors and investors.

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Wide sandy shores with golden sand, warm sea, fresh seafood and fruits, and healthy air filled with iodine and salt – this is only a short list of what tempts prospective proprietors.

Buying real estate in Spain on the seashore allows you to relax and gain money by renting out housing. This is enabled by a long tourist season.

Property prices 

Housing in Spain by the sea can be different: flats, bungalows, villas, townhouses, and studios. Province, year of construction, kind of object, and proximity to the beach – are the main factors that will affect the cost. You can buy accommodation inexpensively on the Costa Blanca. Historically, housing in this region, regardless of type, is slightly cheaper. Studios and flats will cost here from 40,000 – 50,000 euros.

Objects on the Costa Brava will be more expensive, but automatically you get the opportunity to apply for a residence permit. Since the starting price of objects is 150,000 euros, and when buying a home from 500,000, you can involve for a resident investor visa.

A place to live comfortably

The country recovered from the crisis of 2008 much faster than its neighbors, which positively affected the market for the sale of secondary housing and new buildings. Despite the unwavering popularity and excess supply by demand, the cost of real estate in Spain on the coast remains very profitable for buyers. And in comparison with prices in close France, Great Britain and Germany, housing in Spain with a sea view become even more attractive.

Spain-Real.Estate aggregator suggests to buy property safely and inexpensively at affordable prices. The company’s clients who have already concluded transactions on mutually advantageous periods received the following set of benefits:

  • excellent climate and long tourist season;
  • warm and safe sea with the clean, clear water of unusually beautiful color;
  • clean beaches, where cleaning is carried out regularly;
  • the rich, interesting culture of Spain;
  • delicious and varied cuisine;
  • friendly people who treat foreigners well.

At the same time, Spanish real estate with a sea view has all the accompanying parameters that are necessary for a comfortable stay:

  • developed tourist, transport, and public infrastructure;
  • a large number of good schools and higher educational establishments in Spain;
  • places of mass and highly specialized sale of goods: from large shopping centers to small shops where you can find everything your heart desires.

Many of overseas citizens have chosen this country for life and recreation because it is easy and pleasant here. 

Reasons to buy property in Spain

If you are interested how much property in Spain on the coast costs, then you will be surprised by the value for money because this country is one of the most attractive options on the market. The cost of housing here is several times lower than in the equally popular France or England, so the company’s clients prefer to buy villas, houses, and apartments with sea views here:

  • for permanent residence – property is regularly put up for sale by local sites;
  • seasonal holidays, which will cost less if you compare ads for Spain with other Western European countries;
  • for subsequent rental, which, given the general lack of free housing on the coast, brings a good profit;
  • as an investment. Now you can purchase property in Spain inexpensively, which will pay off. Leading economic reviewers expect a further increase in the country’s financial performance, which benefits rising prices.

In addition, many who want a European education choose this particular country. The combination of a loyal attitude towards foreign students, the low cost of studying in Spain, and its quality is a combination of factors practically not found anywhere else. You can choose and buy property in Benidorm, San Juan, Albir, and Calpe with sea views.

Help with the deal 

If you intend to buy property in Spain on the coast, it is better to use the services of an agency. Spain-Real.Estate specialists represent clients’ interests at the location of the objects being sold, help to obtain visas, open a mortgage loan, draw up a contract of sale, and much more. With the assistance you can get real estate by the sea and be sure of the developer’s trustworthiness and the deal’s clarity.

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