How to Use Zimpler at Non GamStop Casinos?

Are you looking for the best Zimpler Casino? In this article we will introduce you to the modern payment method, which is also ideal for mobile casino players, in detail. You will also find out which online casinos are particularly suitable for gambling.

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Important Facts About Zimpler Casinos Not on GamStop

Zimpler is a Swedish payment service provider that was founded back in 2012. Originally, however, the provider operated under the name PugglePay. The Zimpler brand name has only been used since 2016.

Thanks to clear and simply formulated rules, the company has gained a first-class reputation in recent years and is therefore considered an absolutely serious payment service. The goal of the founders was to simplify mobile payments. Zimpler was one of the first payment methods specifically designed for smartphones. For a long time it was not even possible to use the payment service without a mobile phone.

In non GamStop casinos in particular, Zimpler developed into a relatively widespread payment method, which was characterized by the following special features:

  •       Zimpler made it possible for you to pay on account in the online casino.
  •       The casino deposit by phone bill was also possible with Zimpler.
  •       Sometimes even payouts with Zimpler are available.

In the past, you had various options to make payments:

  •       Deposit based on a loan (Zimpler mobile phone bill)
  •       Direct payment by credit card (Visas,MasterCard)
  •       Bank Transfer

Even if it is very tempting to pay by invoice, it makes sense, especially in a non GamStop casino, to use a payment method that guarantees immediate debiting. On the one hand, you avoid the risk of overdrawing your account.

On the other hand, Zimpler incurred fees when purchasing on account:

  •       €1.50 fee for €0 – 29 invoice amount
  •       €3.90 fee for an invoice amount of €30 – €59
  •       €4.90 fee for an invoice amount of €60 – €89
  •       €5.90 fee from €90 invoice amount

Pay Via Mobile Without Any Registration: Zimpler Makes It Possible!

In recent years, many players have mainly opted for a casino with Zimpler because payments can be made here without prior registration with an additional provider. Instead, your mobile phone number was enough to become a Zimpler customer.

All you had to do was follow these steps:

  •       Step 1: Enter phone number;
  •       Step 2: Enter the PIN code that Zimpler will send you via SMS;
  •       Step 3: Click on the payment method (bank transfer, credit card or invoice);
  •       Step 4: Send a deposit and you’re done!

Topping up your own user account in a casino with a Zimpler deposit via smartphone still works in principle. However, due to a repositioning and the resulting restructuring, the Zimpler payment is now somewhat different.

You Can Use Zimpler on Your PC As Well!

If you want to use Zimpler to deposit in a non GamStop casino, you will quickly find that you no longer have to enter your phone number, but instead log into your personal online banking account.

This shift from a mobile payment service provider to a general online payment service leads to the following changes:

  •       You can still deposit at Zimpler Casino via smartphone, but you no longer need a phone to use the payment service.
  •       Transactions now follow the same pattern as with other direct booking systems – for example Sofort or Trustly. So, you still don’t have to register with Zimpler.
  •       Using Zimpler in the casino to gamble on an account or mobile phone bill no longer works.
  •       We could not find the Zimpler app in either Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Fees and Limits of Zimpler Casinos

There are now very few gambling providers who charge fees for payments. This also applies to Zimpler Casinos not on GamStop. If you deposit in an online casino with Zimpler, there are usually no transaction fees.

In our research, we did not come across any non GamStop casinos that charge fees over Zimpler payments. However, to be on the safe side, you should always double-check whether payments are free of charge. Just take a look at our review of the relevant provider.

The casinos themselves determine which limits apply. You usually have to deposit at least 10 or 20 euros and can transfer between 1,000 and 10,000 euros per transaction, depending on the provider.

Are Zimpler Withdrawals Possible?

In the past there was one or the other Zimpler Casino where you could have your winnings paid out via the payment service. In our Zimpler experience, however, the restructuring of the company has meant that only deposits now work – just like most other direct booking systems. Your winnings are usually paid out via bank transfer. As a result, you have to disclose your account details!

Gamble for Real Money at the Zimpler Casino: This Is How It Works

  •       Step 1: Create an account at Zimpler Casino;
  •       Step 2: Visit the cashier section;
  •       Step 3: Select Zimpler as payment method;
  •       Step 4: Enter payment amount;
  •       Step 5: Select bank;
  •       Step 6: Log into online banking;
  •       Step 7: Confirm transaction;
  •       Step 8: Enjoy casino games.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Non GamStop Zimpler Casinos?

Advantages of Zimpler

  •       Zimpler has a very good reputation
  •       Deposits are credited immediately
  •       No registration necessary
  •       No complex verification required
  •       Zimpler cooperates with all major banks
  •       Usually no transaction fees for Zimpler payments at the casino
  •       Transactions work via PC as well as smartphones and tablets

Disadvantages of Zimpler

  •       Not available in many casinos
  •       Doesn’t support withdrawals

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