CMJ CEO Criticizes the 2.5 Sec Spin Delay at UKGC Casinos

The ambitious and visionary CEO of CMJ – a digital marketing and lead generation agency – Mr. Mattias Frobrant has made entry into the UK gambling market with his online casino comparer website, FWC.

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The site aims to provide UK players with unbiased and reliable reviews and ratings of the fastest payout online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Meanwhile, Frobrant’s latest venture has brought his attention to the UKGC’s 2.5-second spin delay imposed on online slots.

Implemented as a player protection measure, this spin delay aims to address potential and mitigate potential harm from rapid and repetitive gameplay.

While the intention behind the delay was to create a safer gambling environment, Frobrant argues that it falls short of achieving its desired objectives and can even have unintended negative consequences.

The CEO, known for his astute business acumen and a keen eye for industry trends believes this disrupts gameplay flow, hampers player experience and obstructs industry growth.

According to him, this restriction could even lead to longer play sessions, especially when players are trying to fulfil wagering requirements for bonuses. He worries that limiting the speed of gameplay may prompt players to raise their stakes to compensate.

Most importantly, this rule could drive players towards unlicensed gambling sites that do not implement the spin delay, thereby exposing them to greater risks of gambling-related harm.

Online gambling businesses in the industry would eventually bear the brunt in the form of reduced revenue and decreased innovation in the industry as slot gaming loses its appeal.

His perspectives highlight the complex considerations surrounding the implementation of the spin delay and the need for a thorough analysis of its potential consequences.

Frobrant suggests exploring alternative strategies that strike a balance between player safety and an engaging gaming environment, allowing players to choose their preferred pace while promoting responsible gambling.

In a recent interview, he expressed his concerns, stating,  “We fully support the UKGC’s commitment to player protection and responsible gambling. However, we believe that a more nuanced approach can be adopted to achieve these goals without excessively restricting players’ enjoyment. It’s crucial to find effective methods that reduce harm while still providing an immersive gaming experience.”

Frobrant envisions an industry that empowers players through improved education, self-exclusion options, and advanced technology for intervention when necessary.

He emphasises the importance of providing players with the tools and information to make informed decisions while cultivating responsible gambling habits and promoting a positive and enjoyable gambling experience.

As FWC ( gains traction among UK players, Mattias Frobrant is doing his utmost to bring his innovative ideas to the forefront and challenge the status quo. While the debate around the 2.5-second spin delay continues to polarise people, Frobrant strongly expresses the need for industry-wide reform.

No one can say for sure what the future of the UK gambling industry holds. But with trailblazers like Mattias Frobrant leading the charge, it is clear that change is on the horizon.

As everyone eagerly awaits updates and developments, Frobrant, with his latest ventures aims to shape the way players experience and engage with online casinos in the UK – particularly the ones with the quickest withdrawal speeds.

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