Best Colors for Crankbaits When Bass Fishing

On the market, you can find endless options of colors when it comes to crankbaits. Thanks to modern techniques of molding and painting, you can find bait in so many shapes and shades it’s almost unbelievable. While having such a big choice can be great, it can also cause a bit of confusion when you want to pick your best options. This is why we contacted experts and asked which are the best crankbaits for bass.

Photo by Richard R on Unsplash

Do Fish See Color?

Yes! Fish can see some colors, especially darker shades of blue, violet, and green. However, they can detect the brightness and contrast of the item. This is why choosing the right color of your crankbait is so important. The fish needs to know that the object it sees is worth the time and effort. The perfect crankbait will catch the fish’s eye and lure it in.

Is a Crankbait Important While Fishing?

A crankbait can bring your fishing to the next level. It can help you to catch fish, as they can be cast and retrieved more quickly compared to other baits. Crankbaits work perfectly with prefatory fish, such as pike, musky, and of course bass. Using them, you also have a big chance of catching perch, trout, salmon, and walleye. 


If you choose the right color of a crankbait, you can get amazing effects and catch more fish than you would ever expect. 

Color of Crankbait for Clear Water 

In clear water, the visibility is high. That means a bass can see a lure from a long distance. This is why it is important to have a bait that resembles the food that this species eats in nature.The best color would be white or white/blue, and the shape should imitate crawfish, shad, worms, grubs, lizards, and so on. 

Dirty Water 

In dirty water, bass cannot see as far as in clear water. This is why you need to use a bait that highlights in the water and is easily noticeable for the fish. Choose crankbaits with bright and contrasting colors. You can, for example, choose a crankbait that has a blue back and yellow body. 

Muddy Water 

Catching a fish in muddy water can be very challenging. A crankbait can help you with it, but of course you need to know which color is best. The brighter and more visible your bait is the better. One of the most popular colors that can help you to catch a bass in muddy water is called ‘fire tiger’. As the name suggests, it is a highly contrasting color, whose brightness can pierce through dirty and murky waters. 


While catching a fish in muddy water, you might want to befriend some glitter. Reach for black with blue or red glitter crankbaits to lure bass, even when water conditions are not the greatest. 


You can also reach for a crankbait with bright red hues. This color would be best for extremely dirty ponds, especially in early springtime. 

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