A Few Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Language Learning Lessons

Learning a new language can be a smooth process. Even though nothing can replace the hard work and patience that learning requires, you can speed up the process. Whether you are learning for business or leisure, experts at Lingomee.com are keen to help you understand it fast and effectively. Here are the tips they highlighted.

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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Language Learning Lessons

Come prepared

Preparing for your lessons will help you make the class more productive than you can imagine. Prepare some conversation topics. They could range from what you have planned to do over the weekend or what is currently happening in the social space. Before your lesson, create a study space free from distractions to help you focus. Remove phones, books, or anything that you can procrastinate your assignment with.

Remember to complete your homework and review the previous lesson’s material before class. If you have doubts or questions about pronunciation during your revision, have them ready to ask your teacher. Other than helping your mind retain the language concepts you learned, completing your assignments helps the tutor know whether the work he gave you is challenging enough.

In addition, make sure you have a good internet connection and a functional webcam and microphone.

Set goals

You’ve heard of SMART goals. It’s an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. For each lesson, set a particular purpose with a time limit on when you intend to achieve it. The right kind of goals will keep you motivated till the finish line. If you aim to become conversationally fluent, set a specific plan of learning a new vocabulary or mastering a particular grammar concept every lesson. Also, aim to have a 15-minute conversation with a native speaker daily. 

In all these, communicate your language learning goals with your tutor so he can design the lessons to steer you towards achieving them. We’ve discovered that setting up some strategic language learning routines helps. For example, set aside a specific daily time to work towards your language goals. You can set the alarm or reminder to alert you to attend class or listen to a foreign language podcast during your day. 

We know you can have so many goals, but it helps to focus on one goal at a time. 

Stay focused

It pays to remain focused during the lesson. Avoid the temptation to check your phone or email as the class progresses. Stay focused on the material being covered. You will find that you’ve gained so much by avoiding distractions.

Participate actively 

Your participation is vital in getting the most out of your lesson. Some ways to participate include:

  • Listening actively.
  • Asking questions.
  • Participating in class discussions.
  • Using learning resources such as textbooks and online exercises to supplement your learning outside class.

Take notes

It is easy to trivialize the power of note-taking in this era of online resources. Taking notes is writing what your ears have heard, and the mind understood. Take notes on the essential vocabulary you have learned, grammar rules, and examples given by the teacher. 

Taking notes helps to reinforce what you have learned. Whether you manually write down your letters or use an iPad, these notes will be helpful when reviewing your previous lessons and help you remember.

Practice outside of class 

Practice, practice, and more practice is the key to language mastery. Find a language buddy with whom you can correct each other, set learning goals together and keep each other accountable for achieving them. Also, you can join a conversation club from the app community where those in the same city can decide to meet and have informal discussions in the targeted language.

Read practice materials aloud and watch movies that are in the targeted language.


Use these tips to help you make the most of your language learning lessons and progress towards your learning goals. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because that’s how you learn.

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