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24 high growth firms recognised by Scottish Edge

Scottish Edge 2023
Scottish Edge handed out £1.4m in the latest round

More than 20 high-growth businesses have shared £1.4 million in the latest Scottish EDGE funding round.

First Minister Humza Yousaf and businessman and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter were among those who attended a presentation last night.


Category: Scottish EDGE

Chorus Training – Aberdeen – £70,000 – In hazardous environments safety culture is key to business performance. It’s essential to perform, comply with regulations, deliver training and promote individual accountability for safety. 

Clean Water Designs (ta Novus) –Edinburgh – £80,000 – Our high-speed low-energy distillation technology, enables homes and businesses anywhere in the world, to access consistent high-purity water, without expensive consumable parts or plastic bottles. 

Clearwell Technology Ltd – Aboyne – £100,000 – Clearwell Technology is developing unique exothermic milling systems which aim to transform offshore decommissioning by delivering substantial time, cost, and greenhouse gas emission reductions. 

Fitabeo Therapeutics Ltd –Edinburgh – £100,000 – A specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercialises innovative medicines to address some of the society’s most pressing challenges. 

Frontier Robotics – North Berwick – £100,000 – We revolutionise marine robots’ sensing and autonomous capabilities with minimum hardware and software modifications. We focus on the renewable offshore energy sector. 

Incharvie Group Ltd – Leven – £60,000 – Feragaia is Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit. Based in Fife, Feragaia is distilled in Fife, bottled in Glasgow and ships to customers around the world. 

Infix Support Ltd – Glasgow – £100,000 – Infix is a clinician-led, cloud-based scheduling platform that significantly improves NHS theatre efficiency. Integration to the NHS showed an increase of theatre efficiency by 26% 

Nooku – Glasgow- £80,000 – Nooku is creating an engaging air quality monitor which empowers people to understand and improve their environment in pursuit of better comfort, health, and happiness. 

Seilich – Pathhead – £75,000 – At Seilich we create wildflower meadows from which we harvest ingredients for our range of award-winning natural skincare products. 

Silver Lion Innovations – Glasgow – £80,000 – SLI exists to provide healthcare solutions based on personal experience. EasyOver, is a ‘smart’ product that safely turns people with mobility issues over in bed. 

Three Robins Ltd – Edinburgh – £85,000 – Our mission is to make healthy, great tasting oat milk products that children, their parents and the planet will love. 

Tuggs – Glasgow – £75,000 – Tuggs is the country’s first freshly-prepared, insect-based dog food. We create customised meal plans that are delivered to consumers on a subscription each month. 

WEETEQ LTD – Glasgow – £100,000 – Weeteq is a ‘tiny’ embedded technology company providing industrial solutions. Our mission is developing circuit-level artificial intelligence solutions to accelerate sustainable growth of smart technologies. 

Yaldi Games – Edinburgh – £60,000 – Yaldi Games is a mission-led game developer making meaningful games that inspire real life activities. 

Category: Social Enterprise EDGE 

Rhyze Mushrooms – Edinburgh – £25,000 – Rhyze Mushrooms is a community mushroom farm and education project. We grow mushrooms from waste and teach others the skills to do so too. 

Stitch the Gap CIC – Glasgow – £50,000 – We deliver a mental health and environmental impact at the grassroots of our communities by teaching the sewing skills to repair, reuse and repurpose textiles. 

Category: Young EDGE 

4SB Mobility Ltd – Peebles – £10,000 – We are engineering a swappable, ‘jerry-can’ electric vehicle (EV) battery. It attaches to the EVs main battery, giving users 90 miles range in 2 minutes. 

Augmentum Influencer Solutions – Grangemouth – £10,000 – We’re an influencer marketing agency specialising in growing brands exclusively in the Health and Wellness space by leveraging the power of the creator economy. 

Dastardly Line – Glasgow – £10,000 – Dastardly Line are a Glasgow based design studio that creates innovative products around problematic textile waste streams produced by UK industry. 

Euro Ticket Club Ltd – Edinburgh – £15,000 – We provide flight and football ticket offers, via a weekly email newsletter, for British fans who want to watch European football. 

LU Innovations LTD – Glasgow- £15,000 – LU’s on a mission to annihilate the hurdles stopping menstruators going on adventurers. Designing sustainable products, education and training to ensure good menstrual hygiene anywhere. 

Nuclevolve Pvt. Ltd – Glasgow – £10,000 – Nuclevolve is a radiation protection technology company that relies on the development of materials engineering to achieve advancements in the space and medical industries. 

Shasha Network – Edinburgh – £10,000 – Shasha Network (SCIO) is an online platform that equips secondary students across Africa with soft skills and career development to achieve their fullest potential. 

Studio Lutalica Ltd – Edinburgh – £10,000 – Lutalica is a design studio focusing on Feminist & LGBTQ+ projects and supporting businesses to create safer workplaces for women and LGBTQ+ people. 

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