Small Wet Room Inspiration: Ideas for a Stylish and Practical Bathroom

Do you want a stylish shower area in a small space? Then a walk in shower enclosure may be an ideal solution for you. Not only it transforms the entire look of the bathroom, but it also makes a highly practical solution where you don’t or can’t install a shower enclosure. Perhaps, it is more contemporary than any other shower solution for a bathroom. The difference between a standard shower enclosure and a wet room is that a later can be fully incorporated into the bathroom’s overall design. Moreover, it is ideal for small spaces as it also creates an open and airy feel.

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Is the Wet Room Suitable for a Small Bathroom?

A wet room can be suitable for both large and small bathrooms. Perhaps, you can convert any area into a wet room. It is possible by waterproofing the walls and floors. It is to make sure that the water will be fully sealed inside the shower area without requiring a standard shower tray. In this case, the kind of tray usually needed is suitable for a wet room that fits on the floor. It also has a drain cover that makes use of a waste outlet.

What is the Suitable Size for a Small Bathroom Wet Room?

Generally, the size of the wet room should depend on the available space. However, since the small bathroom usually has less space, you should have an idea of what size is the best size to fit the wet room. Although you should decide the size on the basis of overall bathroom size and the space available for you, it is recommended that your small wet room should be 760mm x 700mm in size.

Ideas to Enhance Small Wet Rooms Utility and Aesthetics

There are the following ideas to improve the looks and functionality of the small bathroom shower area.

1-Polished Plaster All Over

This year’s emerging trend for walk-in showers and wet rooms is to use polished plaster all over the area. There are various types of plasters available. However, you must prefer a polished type to eliminate and prevention of moisture from seeping into it. It will make your wet room area hygienic, seamless, and beautiful without too much money spent. The suggested type of plaster is the perfect choice to create a modern look with a rustic, earthy tone. You can use it on multiple surfaces, including floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

2- Minimalist Approach

You may have already heard about the minimalist approach to small bathrooms. It is suitable where you can maximize the impact with lesser use of resources. However, you can use the same approach with the colours. For example, we can recommend using white marble on the floor as well as the wall. It will create white colour all around. In addition, a budget-friendly approach may be adding a sink outside with similar colour. It will bring a bright look to your small space creating a spacious feel.

3- Wet Room Next to Bath Area

It can be a suitable choice when you have some space available to space. In case you have a bathtub available and don’t want that to convert into a shower bath. A suitable approach for the luxurious looking bathroom may be a wet room area right next to a bathtub. Generally, it will require to have raised floor to accommodate the drainage, pipes, and another stepped front.

4- Ensuring Warmth and Ventilation in Wet Room

Whether you have a small bathroom, you will need to take care of managing heat, ventilation, and moisture. You will need to keep the floors dry with underfloor heating so you don’t take up the moisture with you out of the shower area. In addition to that, you can also add a heated towel rail to further enhance the drying process after the bath. The extractor ventilation fan can be a great way to reduce the humidity in the area. Because you have sealed floors and walls, the amount of moisture you will see will be more than in any other place. It will also reduce any steam up created as a result of a hot shower.

5- Choose an Easy Clean Glass

The glass shower screen is a major part of a wet room as well as shower enclosures. While these screens prevent splash outs, they get wet every time you take a shower. Therefore, you will see occasional soap scum and marks on it. In case you don’t clean it, it becomes even more rigid over time. However, cleaning is not that easier unless you have an easy clean glass. If you want to make the glass shower screen process hassle free and quicker, then you will need to choose an easy clean glass shower screen.

Final Thoughts

Small wet rooms can be a preferable choice in comparison to the standard shower enclosure. The size for such shower areas can be around 760mm in width. Although it is at the level of the room with simple glass shower screens, you can improve its looks by following above discussed ideas.

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