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Scotland’s second Grand National win in six years

Winner: Lucinda Russell

A Scotland-trained horse won the Grand National for the second time in six years as the favourite Corach Rambler triumphed in a dramatic day of events on and off the Aintree course.

The 8/1 winner, trained by Lucinda Russell and her partner Peter Scudamore at Kinross, was ridden by Derek Fox who passed a fitness test earlier in the day allowing him to take part. The pair won the race in 2017 with One For Arthur who died just a few weeks ago.

Animal rights protestors caused the race to be delayed by 14 minutes and police said there were more than 100 arrests, with some protestors having to be forcibly removed from the course.

There were four fallers at the first fence and loose horses caused plenty of mayhem on the first circuit.

The horses were waved round the first obstacle on the second circuit with Hill Sixteen still being attended to behind green screens. It was announced after the race that he had to be put down after injuries suffered when falling at the first. That took the tally of fatalities at the meeting to three.

Protestor removed from Aintree course
Protest at Aintree gates

Protestors forced the race to be delayed

The winner picks up a £500,000 prize but Ms Russell admitted that it was difficult to put a syndicate together to buy the horse at the end of lockdown.

“I remember putting it on the website and it was funny, no-one wanted him and then suddenly everyone wanted him and it was just great.

“I am so delighted for everyone that owns him. They are really appreciative, they love each other and it was just perfect.”

Seventeen horses finished this year’s Grand National:

1st – Corach Rambler 8/1

2nd – Vanillier 20/1

3rd – Gaillard Du Mesnil 10/1

4th – Noble Yeats 10/1

5th – The Big Dog 12/1

6th – Born By The Sea 50/1

7th – Roi Mage

8th – Mister Coffey

9th – A Wave Of The Sea

10th – Le Milos

11th – Our Power

12th – Enjoy D’Allen

13th – Fortescue

14th – Carefully Selected

15th – Minella Trump

16th – Francky Du Berlais

17th – Ain’t That A Shame

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