Conduct probe

CBI passes information to police over new claim


The CBI is under investigation

Additional information has been passed to the police investigating the CBI over an alleged criminal offence.

The “additional information” is understood to relate to a new allegation against the business lobby group which has admitted to “serious failings” over conduct.

The director-general has been replaced and three other members of staff have been suspended pending further investigation.

A CBI spokesperson said today: “Late yesterday afternoon, the CBI was made aware of additional information relating to a report of a serious criminal offence.

“We have passed that information immediately to the police, with whom we are liaising closely and who have asked us not to comment further on potentially criminal matters.

“Recognising the need for confidentiality, we urge anyone, including the media, who has further information in relation to any alleged offence to also report that to the police.

“We are anticipating findings from Fox Williams on the matters it has been looking at imminently.

“The board will be communicating its response to this and other steps we are taking to bring about the wider change that is needed early next week.”

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